Anupama 24th August Episode Written Update – Pakhi’s Plan Exposed in Dramatic Twist !


Anupama 24th August Episode Written Update – Pakhi’s Plan Exposed in Dramatic Twist !


Anupama’s Anticipation   


Anupama is super eager. Why? She’s waiting for Pakhi and Adhik to show up for breakfast. And guess what? They walk in together, holding hands and looking all smiles. Adhik even pulls out a chair for Pakhi, like a real gentleman. But then Romil, he’s a bit skeptical. He says things aren’t what they seem. He’s not buying the photo on social media, calling it fake. He’s like, “Everything’s fake these days.”


Lovey-Dovey Act Continues

Anyway, Adhik and Pakhi keep up their lovey-dovey act. Anupama steps in like a caring friend. She tells Pakhi to stop the drama. Why? Because she knows Adhik doesn’t really love Pakhi, and there was a fight yesterday. But Pakhi isn’t having it. She gets all mad and yells at Anupama, defending herself and her relationship.


Unexpected Twist

But wait! Plot twist! It was all in Anupama’s head. Pakhi has different plans. She asks for a thepla, like a delicious Indian bread. Anuj joins in, telling Anupama to start eating. And guess what? Adhik and Pakhi start feeding each other. Romil, though, he’s not fooled. He’s thinking, he thinks ” I can’t deal with all this fakeness.”


Hasmukh’s Helpful Gestures

Hasmukh insists on helping Kinjal with cleaning the house and even switches the sofa cushions for her. Leela then asks Kinjal to clean the temple after she’s done with the utensils. Kavya chimes in, mentioning that she has already taken care of cleaning the temple and can’t just sit around. Leela shares a personal memory, telling how her mother-in-law didn’t let her rest and made her work hard during her pregnancy. Hasmukh, always playful, counters that Leela did the same to Anupama during her pregnancy, sparking a playful argument between them. Kavya and Kinjal intervene, finding their banter adorable and managing to stop their bickering. The result? Laughter shared between Hasmukh and Leela.


Dimpy’s Mischievous Move

Just then, Dimpy walks by. Leela playfully stops her and hands her a broom and mop. Dimpy seems puzzled, asking about them. Leela explains that it’s the “broom shah” and “mop shah” – they’ve cleaned their part of the house, and now it’s Dimpy’s turn to clean her side and return the cleaning tools. Dimpy stands there with a slightly confused expression on her face.


Professional Matters

Ankush turns to Anuj, wondering what they should do about Mr. Desai’s proposal. Anuj, with practicality, suggests discussing it at the office after breakfast. He invites Anu to join them along with Pakhi. Adhik decides he’ll also be part of the meeting concerning the London project. Anuj politely tells Adhik that he can take a break instead. Adhik’s expression briefly sours, but he quickly covers it up with a smile, agreeing to Anuj’s suggestion. Pakhi chips in, praising Adhik’s supportiveness. Romil playfully quips about Adhik’s support, mentioning a previous incident involving a cheek and a slap. Barkha raises her voice to reprimand Romil, and he quickly apologizes for his inappropriate comment.


 A  Deeper Conversation

Anupama advises Pakhi to finish her breakfast swiftly so they can head to the office together. Pakhi, however, expresses the idea of taking a break. Anu responds by suggesting taking a break before starting work. Pakhi explains that she isn’t ready to jump in yet and proposes handing her project over to Adhik, who’s an expert in the field. Adhik pretends to decline the offer, adding to the dramatics. Anuj calls for an end to their theatrics, asking them to stop the charade.

Dimpy is busy mopping the floor when Samar comes down all set for work. He asks Dimpy for breakfast, but she explains that she can’t provide it. Leela steps in and hands him a thepla, advising him to approach his work with a clear mind. Samar heads out, and Dimpy gives Leela a curious look. Leela notices and questions why Dimpy is staring, asserting that she would’ve given food to Dimpy as well if she were heading to work. She then proceeds to give Dimpy instructions on how to mop the floor, which only deepens Dimpy’s frown.


Household Interactions

Meanwhile, Anupama scolds Pakhi, comparing a project to a laddu (a sweet treat) and emphasizing that she can’t serve it to her husband like a snack. Anupama points out the importance of proper communication in a professional setting and highlights that as a project head, she expects Pakhi to be at the office. In response, Pakhi questions why it’s a problem if her husband takes her place at work. Anupama counters by asking if Pakhi would feel the same way if she were employed elsewhere. Adhik intervenes, suggesting that he’ll take the break as Anuj suggested, allowing Pakhi to go to work. Anupama issues a warning to Pakhi, urging her to finish her breakfast and get to work. Pakhi, however, states her refusal to do so.


Anuj steps in, calling for a halt to the heated exchange. He invites Anu to join him and Ankush at the office. He addresses Pakhi, reminding her that she was hired in a professional capacity and should uphold ethical standards by discussing the matter at the workplace. With that, he and Ankush exit. Barkha shares that she has a dermatologist appointment and departs. Adhik heads to his room, while Pakhi storms off, leaving Anupama visibly frustrated. Romil observes that it’s strange how everyone seems to comprehend Adhik’s intentions except for Pakhi. In a somewhat comical moment, a packet of cigarettes falls from Romil’s pocket, catching Anupama’s attention.

Meanwhile, Dimpy, after finishing the cleaning chores, feels hungry and contemplates ordering food from outside. However, she decides to secretly indulge herself by taking some dhokla from Leela’s refrigerator. Leela notices the missing bowl of dhokla and reflects that she should have informed Dimpy and shared the food. She humorously remarks that kids often consider themselves overly clever.

Anupama takes a stern tone as she scolds Romil for smoking. Romil tries to justify himself by claiming that everyone around him smokes. Anupama, however, isn’t swayed and insists that he read the warning on the cigarette packet. She questions why he’d want to smoke when it’s clearly harmful to health. Romil, in a nonchalant manner, responds that smoking is all about having a sense of style.


Anupama isn’t one to back down, and she counters Romil’s argument. She tells him that real style comes from showcasing talents, excelling in studies, and contributing to the nation. She points out Romil’s impressive guitar skills and encourages him to take it to the next level by joining a professional class and displaying his talent proudly.


Just as this conversation unfolds, Anupama receives a message from Kinjal, instructing her to visit the Shah house before heading to the office.

In the preview for the next episode: Dimpy questions the Shahs about the lack of electricity on her side of the house while they have power. Leela responds that they’ve cleared their electric bill and suggests that Dimpy should do the same. Dimpy counters by mentioning that Samar has gone to the office, implying that they should take care of it. Anupama intervenes, advising Dimpy to take responsibility for her own bill, just as she decided to separate.

Pakhi raises a question, comparing her situation to Anupama’s ability to forgive Vanraj. She wonders why she can’t also forgive Adhik. Anupama offers her perspective, explaining that choosing to endure injustice and forgiving someone instead of retaliating is a sign of strength and courage.

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