Anupama Today’s Episode 18th September Written Update : Malti Devi’s Memory Returns 

Anupama Today’s Episode 18th September Written Update : Malti Devi’s Memory Returns !


Anupama’s Shocking Discovery: The Hidden Clue That Could Change Everything !

Anupama stared at the faded receipt, frustration evident in her furrowed brow. The text was barely legible, leaving her wondering about the mysterious 25,000 rupees and the enigmatic word “Ashram” scrawled on it. She pondered the purpose behind this payment, her mind racing with questions.

In a moment of uncertainty, she allowed herself to consider the unthinkable—could Gurumaa have placed her own child in an orphanage? The idea seemed inconceivable, as no mother willingly parts with her own flesh and blood. Anupama’s heart ached at the mere thought of such a scenario.

Yet, she couldn’t dismiss the notion entirely. If her son had indeed been entrusted to an orphanage, he would now be well into adulthood, perhaps even in his forties. The idea that he might no longer reside in the very orphanage she was contemplating weighed heavily on her mind. Determination welled up within her as she resolved to begin her search, no matter how daunting the prospect.

Meanwhile, Kavya reveled in the satisfaction of having received gratitude from Baa. With a contented smile, she whispered tenderly to her unborn child, relishing the joy of the moment. Her heart swelled with happiness.

Across the room, Kinjal’s caring nature shone through as she lovingly fed Baa spoonfuls of warm soup. Baa, the feisty matriarch of the family, maintained her sense of humor even while managing her health. She playfully remarked that she’d prefer poison over the healthy fare she was being served, eliciting laughter from those around her.

Toshu, ever the mischievous one, chimed in, threatening to report Baa’s reluctance to their mother. Baa, never one to back down from a challenge, reluctantly agreed to the soup. Vanraj, the ever-doting son-in-law, chimed in with words of wisdom, emphasizing the importance of a healthy diet and consistent medication.

Amidst the banter and playful teasing, Baa’s reluctance gave way to a sense of acceptance. She understood the importance of taking care of her health, even if it meant sipping on a bowl of soup she initially resisted.

Vanraj, however, had chosen not to burden Anupama with the news of Baa’s health concerns. He believed it was best to shield her from additional stress, especially given her ongoing worries about Malti Devi. Kinjal, on the other hand, felt differently, insisting that Anupama should be informed to prevent any potential outbursts of anger. The family’s dynamic was a delicate balance of care, concern, and occasional humor—a reflection of the love that bound them together


A Late-Night Revelation

Anupama quietly returns home, her steps laden with a newfound secret. She slips into the bedroom, where Anuj is peacefully asleep, clutching a file in his hands. As she gently retrieves the file, Anuj stirs from his slumber, drowsily questioning her late-night escapade. Anupama, her voice filled with warmth, responds that she had ventured to Gurukul. Amusement dances in Anuj’s eyes as he connects the dots, realizing that her journey was inspired by his suggestion. Gratitude tinges his words as he acknowledges her unwavering care.

Anupama’s voice takes on a hint of excitement as she unveils the purpose of her mission. However, her revelations are abruptly interrupted by Anuj’s sudden coughing fit. Without hesitation, Anupama rushes to his side, offering him a glass of water. Playfulness graces Anuj’s lips as he jests about indulging in mischief even at their age, promising to treat her to ice cream next time.

Concern for Baa

Their playful banter takes a more serious turn as Anupama shares the unexpected news she received from Kinjal. Baa, the matriarch of the family, had suffered a fainting spell. Anuj, caught off guard, expresses his surprise at being left uninformed. Anupama, her voice a soothing balm, reassures him that she only learned of the incident moments ago. In his characteristic caring manner, Anuj suggests taking Baa to a good doctor.

Anupama’s eyes shimmer with admiration as she affectionately praises her husband’s unwavering commitment to the family’s well-being. She reminisces about Baa’s unique trait – her willingness to accept her mistakes, especially when the matter involves Vanraj. Anuj’s curiosity resurfaces, and he inquires about the file she had mentioned earlier.


Unveiling Malti Devi’s Secret

With a sense of purpose, Anupama reveals the contents of the file – a certificate belonging to Malti Devi’s son. The revelation dawns upon both of them that Malti Devi’s endearing term “beta” might indeed have a profound connection to Anuj. Intrigue fills the room as they contemplate the son who may share Anuj’s age.

Anuj, sensing the importance of this discovery, suggests searching for Malti Devi’s son, believing that reuniting mother and child could potentially heal old wounds. Anupama, however, ponders a more complex question – the whereabouts of Malti Devi’s son.

With the mysteries of the night still hanging in the air, Anupama gently steers the conversation towards slumber, promising to revisit these revelations on a new day filled with untold possibilities.


A Heartfelt Reunion

Vanraj cautiously peeks into Baa and Babu ji’s room, his worry etched across his face. His initial survey leaves him apprehensive, and he moves closer to check their breathing. Baa awakens, her playful spirit intact, and humorously questions Vanraj if he was checking to see if she had departed this world. With a tender smile, Vanraj confesses his inability to comprehend how children endure the separation from their parents. He poignantly acknowledges the newfound roles of being a Dada (grandfather) but remains unable to fathom life without Baa and Babu ji.

Baa, wise and comforting, gently imparts a universal truth – that one day, they all must embark on their final journey. Undeterred by her wisdom, Vanraj fervently expresses his desire for their everlasting health, happiness, and continued presence in his life. His heartfelt declaration of love touches Baa’s heart, prompting her laughter and a playful acknowledgment of his loving words.

As Vanraj departs, Babu ji lovingly utters, “I love you, Leela.” Baa, surprised but endearing, inquires if he is still awake. Babu ji reflects on the unpredictable nature of life and emphasizes the importance of expressing love whenever the heart desires. Baa echoes his sentiments, and they share a profound connection over their shared understanding of life’s fragility. Babu ji, looking forward, hopes that Vanraj will find happiness and fulfillment as a husband to Kavya.


Anupama’s Heartfelt Prayers

Amidst the serenity of a prayer ritual, Anupama beseeches the divine for a miracle – the reunion of Gurumaa with her long-lost son. She empathizes with the anguish that must have compelled Gurumaa to relinquish her child to an orphanage. Her faith unwavering, Anupama shares her heartfelt belief that Gurumaa’s pain will be eased by the joy of a reunion.

In a moment of poignant tenderness, Samar, her son, enters, his eyes glistening with tears. He seeks solace in Anupama’s embrace, revealing the tragic loss of his best friend, Manoj, in a road accident. Samar shares the weight of responsibility for Manoj’s unborn child, as the baby needs a father’s presence and protection. Anupama consoles her grieving son and assures him of her unwavering support.


Anupama’s Unwavering Dedication

Anupama’s compassionate spirit extends to Malti Devi as she attends to her with unwavering devotion. She inquires about Malti Devi’s culinary preferences, assuring her that she can prepare any dish she desires. In a touching moment, Anupama reveals her connection to Malti Devi as her devoted disciple, recounting their shared dreams of an American journey that never materialized.

Malti Devi, still lost in the labyrinth of her fragmented memories, experiences brief flashes of recognition. Anupama, her voice filled with reassurance, assures her that her memories will soon resurface. As Anuj stumbles upon an old file in the cupboard, an unforeseen revelation looms on the horizon, poised to unravel the mysteries of the past.


Anupama Upcoming Twist 

In an intriguing preview of what lies ahead, the episode takes a poignant turn. Anupama, holding a cherished relic, her ghungroo, extends it to Malti Devi. Miraculously, a flicker of recognition dances across Malti Devi’s eyes, and she utters the name “Anupama.”


Anupama seizes this moment of rekindled connection, yearning to unearth the buried memories that link them. With tender persistence, she presents Malti Devi with a photograph, a precious portrait that holds the key to a long-lost bond. Overwhelmed by emotions, Gurumaa acknowledges the son she had relinquished, her tears an undeniable testament to the reunion that fate has set in motion.


As the enigmatic saga unfolds, Anuj observes this poignant encounter, poised at the crossroads of emotions and revelations. The answers to long-held questions hang in the balance, promising a future where the threads of the past are finally woven into a tapestry of understanding and closure.


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