Anupama Today’s Episode 19th September Written Update : Malti Devi gets her memories back.

Anupama Today’s Episode 19th September Written Update : Malti Devi gets her memories back.


Anuj’s Suspicion


As Anuj examined the file, he couldn’t help but wonder if it was the very file that Anu had mentioned earlier. Tentatively, he decided to open it. However, just as he was about to delve into its contents, an unexpected interruption occurred.


Choti Anu the young member of the family, entered the room with a pressing matter of her own. She approached Anuj, informing him that her math homework remained incomplete and requesting his assistance. Anuj, mindful of his responsibilities, carefully stowed the enigmatic file away in a drawer before offering his help to Choti Anu. He had never wavered in his devotion to his family.


In another part of the house, Anupama extended a graceful gesture. She presented a set of ghungroos, anklet bells often associated with dance, to Malti Devi. Remarkably, Malti Devi recognized Anupama and uttered her name with familiarity. Anupama’s face lit up with genuine happiness as she embraced the recognition.


Anupama warmly recalled their past interactions. She recounted a moment when, in a time of need, Malti Devi had prepared a soothing lep (ointment) for her injured feet and applied it with care. Anupama further reminisced about Malti Devi’s presence at her son Samar’s wedding, a cherished memory that connected them.


Yet, beneath this seemingly heartwarming reunion, Malti Devi’s memories harbored a darker intention. The recollections of her past actions weighed heavily on her conscience. Tearfully, she confessed to Anupama the wrongdoings she had committed, including attempts to keep Anupama’s children away from her. Anupama, displaying an extraordinary capacity for forgiveness, offered solace and understanding, emphasizing that even Gurus had the right to make mistakes.


Meanwhile, Anuj found himself inadvertently overhearing their conversation. He couldn’t help but speculate that perhaps Malti Devi had genuinely recognized her mistakes. In his contemplation, he couldn’t deny that her departure might ultimately be in everyone’s best interest. His thoughts lingered as he received a call from Choti Anu, prompting him to attend to her needs.


Malti Devi’s emotions remained raw as she continued to express remorse, acknowledging her failure to show the proper respect to her Guru, Anupama. However, Anupama, embodying grace and compassion, reiterated that even Gurus were not immune to making mistakes. The two women shared a profound moment of understanding and reconciliation, signifying the power of forgiveness and redemption.

Anupama Today's Episode 19th September Written Update : Malti Devi gets her memories back. 

Family Dynamics and Party Planning

In the Shah household, Kinjal was busy cleaning vegetables, a task she preferred to handle on her own. However, Baa offered her assistance, a gesture of support that Kinjal politely declined. Playfully, Kinjal warned Baa that she would inform her mother if Baa didn’t take a break. Baa, amused by Kinjal’s threat, commented on her tendency to use such tactics, affectionately noting how she always “threatened” her.

Babu ji, observing the interaction, humorously remarked on the typical saas (mother-in-law) and bahu (daughter-in-law) dynamics in their family. Vanraj added a touch of sarcasm, jokingly stating that such episodes between them were rare and occurred only once a year.

Soon, Dimpy joined the scene and announced that she had successfully put *Pari* to sleep. Kinjal shared her observation, noting that Pari seemed particularly happy in Dimpy’s presence. Toshu chimed in, mentioning that Pari didn’t remain quiet when he held her but would settle down peacefully in Dimpy’s lap. Vanraj added that Pari would even burst into laughter while in Dimpy’s care.

The conversation then took an interesting turn as Kinjal inquired about Dimpy and Samars plans for expanding their family. Baa, with her trademark humor, advised against thinking about another baby, playfully implying that they had their hands full already.

Kavya, another family member, entered the room, revealing her intention to go for a sonography appointment. Kinjal questioned her about it, and Baa intervened, insisting that Vanraj should accompany Kavya to the hospital, emphasizing their duty to ensure her comfort and safety.

Meanwhile, in a separate conversation, Anuj expressed his relief to Anupama about Malti Devi’s recollection of her memory. He believed that she would eventually fully recover. However, Barkha expressed reservations, reminding them of Malti Devi’s previous actions to harm Anupama. Despite Barkha’s concerns, Anupama maintained her belief in second chances and shared examples of others, including Adhik and Romil, who had been granted opportunities for redemption.

Attempting to change the topic, Pakhi proposed planning Buddy’s birthday party. She presented three party theme options: a family-style party inspired by the Barjatya family, a glamorous Yashraj-style filmy party, or a rocking and unconventional party in her own style. After some discussion, Anuj reluctantly agreed to go with Pakhi’s idea for a rocking party. The family members offered to help Pakhi organize it, but Adhik assured her that assistance wasn’t necessary. However, Pakhi insisted on everyone’s involvement.

Anupama, deep in thought, pondered the potential implications of having Malti Devi at Buddy’s birthday party.


An Emotional Revelation

Returning to her room, Anupama couldn’t shake the curiosity sparked by the mysterious file. With a mixture of trepidation and determination, she decided to investigate further. As she opened the file, her eyes fell upon a photograph of a baby, and a surge of emotions washed over her.

Anupama couldn’t help but wonder if the baby in the picture might be related to *Gurumaa*. The possibility weighed heavily on her mind, filling her with a sense of purpose.

Without hesitation, she sought out *lMalti Devi. The moment was ripe for a profound conversation, one that had been a long time coming. Malti Devi, torn by remorse and guilt, implored Anupama for forgiveness, acknowledging her past misdeeds.

Anupama, displaying her trademark grace and compassion, expressed her desire for Malti Devi to regain her lost memories but without the burden of the painful past. She broached a delicate subject, asking if Malti Devi recognized the baby in the photo she had found among her belongings.

Malti Devi’s memories flickered to a moment in her past, a conversation with her husband. He had never objected to her passion for dance, but if she continued to view their son as a mere “foot chain,” he vowed to take responsibility for the child. The flashback ended, and Malti Devi’s emotions spilled over as she tearfully confessed, “He is my son.”

Overwhelmed with the weight of this revelation, Anupama turned to a higher power, asking God for guidance and assistance in reuniting her with her long-lost child.

Later, Anupama shifted her focus to preparing gifts, leaving her husband Anuj curious about her intentions. Anupama teasingly informed him that the gifts were meant to be a surprise, which he would receive later. Anuj, in a playful manner, declared that he had already discovered the surprise, prompting Anupama to affectionately chide him for his lack of patience.

Their banter continued, with Anupama humorously listing Anuj’s supposed flaws. Anuj, ever the romantic, attempted to woo his wife. Yet, Anupama’s practicality reminded him of the potential onlookers, prompting him to suggest that they should be unafraid of anyone witnessing their affection.

As they drew closer, sharing an intimate moment, Anuj suddenly noticed something that took him by surprise, prompting him to bring it to Anupama’s attention.

In the preview of what lay ahead, Anupama sought divine intervention in her quest to find her long-lost son. Meanwhile, Anuj expressed his reluctance to have Malti Devi present at their upcoming party. As the party got underway, Anuj anxiously awaited the arrival of someone significant, and Anupama made a dramatic entrance, holding a photo in her hand that hinted at a potentially life-altering revelation.

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