Anupama Written Episode 12th September : Romil’s Revenge Plot Exposed !

Anupama Written Episode 12th September : Desperate Search for Pakhi: Romil’s Revenge Plot Exposed !


Desperate Search for Sweety: An Unraveling Mystery

Romil, in anticipation, knocks gently on the door, waiting for his buddy to swing it open. Anupama’s eyes fixate on him, curiosity lighting up her face. Then, with a sly grin, Romil reaches under the potted plant, retrieving a spare set of keys to let himself in. His eyes scan the room and, to his astonishment, land on something that sends a jolt through him.

Anupama, her curiosity now piqued, peeks inside the house and spots Pakhi’s handbag perched there, untouched. In a panic, she cries out, “Sweety!” Her voice quivers with concern as she turns to Romil, demanding, “Where’s my Sweety?” As he strains to reply, Romil’s face writhes in shock.

With anxiety gripping her, Anupama rifles through Pakhi’s purse, desperately searching for her phone, but it’s nowhere to be found. Romil, realizing the gravity of the situation, slaps his own cheeks in regret, his heart heavy with guilt.

Meanwhile, Vanraj, the patriarch, is preparing to step out. Baa, the matriarch, inquires, “Where are you off to?” Vanraj, his worry etched on his face, declares, “I’m going to hunt for Pakhi. I can’t bear to wait any longer.” Baa, concerned yet composed, suggests, “Can’t we just wait?” But Vanraj is resolute, “I can’t leave Pakhi’s search solely to the police.”

Babu ji interjects, seeking clarity, “Where will you begin your search?” Baa, her voice tinged with worry, reminds him, “You haven’t eaten in two days.” Vanraj, his determination unwavering, states firmly, “I won’t rest until I find her. Not as long as I’m her father.”

Samar, ever the supportive one, urges Vanraj to stay put, saying, “You stay here; we’ll scour the town for Pakhi.” Toshu, Pakhi’s brother, chimes in, “Her brothers are still alive, and we’ll bring her home safe and sound.”


Anupama Written Episode 12th September : Desperate Search for Pakhi: Romil's Revenge Plot Exposed !


Desperation Unveiled: The Search for Pakhi Begins

Anupama surveyed the house, her anxiety growing, and murmured, “The place seems undisturbed, but where could Pakhi be?” Her worried eyes turned to Romil, and she implored, “Where’s my daughter?”


Meanwhile, Samar and Toshu sat in their car, deep in discussion. Toshu suggested, “There are people who might assist us in finding Pakhi, though they aren’t exactly the most reputable folks. But if she’s been kidnapped, they might have crucial information to help us.” Samar, torn by the dilemma, questioned, “Is it the right choice to involve them?” Toshu, his determination unwavering, asserted, “We have to find Pakhi.” Samar nodded firmly, “We’ll search for Pakhi, knocking on every door if we have to.” And with that, they set off.


Anupama turned to Romil, her frustration evident, and admonished, “You witnessed our tears, yet remained silent. We filed a police report, and they arrested Adhik, yet you stayed silent. And why did you bring Pakhi here in the first place ? I demand answers!” She declared, “If you won’t speak, I’ll make you talk, and today, I’ll uncover the truth.” Romil, overwhelmed with worry, wept silently as Anupama seized his collar and dragged him away.


Inside the house, Baa prayed earnestly, her apprehension palpable. She confided to Babu ji, “Anupama’s fears may hold some truth, and something terrible might befall her.” Babu ji attempted to soothe her anxieties, saying, “Let’s not think like that.” However, Baa solemnly remarked, “The world is a harsh place, and these fears are common.” Dimpy chimed in, “Pakhi is resilient; if anyone dares to touch her, she’ll make the earth tremble with her shouts. Her fighting spirit will see her through.” Kavya added, “She possesses Vanraj’s fiery spirit and Anupama’s unwavering strength; she won’t back down without a fight.”



Desperate Search for Pakhi: Romil’s Revenge Plot Exposed !

A girl, dressed eerily like Pakhi, suddenly tumbled onto Samar and Toshu’s car. Their faces lit up with hope, thinking they had found Pakhi at last. Excitedly, they leaped out of the car, calling her “Sweety.” However, their elation was short-lived when they realized she was a stranger. A guy followed her, clutching a mobile phone, and casually mentioned, “The shot was good.” The girl explained that they were recording a video for social media. Toshu scolded her for recklessly shooting on the road, cautioning her about the risks, emphasizing that many people had tragically lost their lives in similar situations. Samar added, “If I hadn’t hit the brakes, your family might have been searching for you.” The girl apologized and swiftly departed. Samar asked Toshu if they should inform their mother, but Toshu hesitated, realizing she was already overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, Romil, consumed by guilt, fell to his knees before Anupama, pleading for a chance to explain. Anupama, her heart heavy with sorrow, retorted, “I gave you a chance to speak, but you chose silence.” Romil offered a feeble apology, insisting that he never intended for things to unfold this way. Anupama, her patience exhausted, snapped, “I don’t want your apologies; I want my daughter.” She confronted him, her voice quivering, “You’ve seen me yearning and suffering for my child. We’ve been in turmoil for two days, and you remained silent.” Romil implored her to listen, but Anupama was resolute, “I considered you like my own child, welcomed you into our home, and you’ve stolen our happiness.” She revealed her history of protecting him, standing up against Adhik and Barkha, forgiving his mistakes. She lamented, “But you showed no compassion. You stood there silently when the police arrested Adhik. Why?” Romil finally divulged the truth, confessing, “I did it for revenge, against Adhik and Pakhi.” Anupama, her patience wearing thin, demanded, “Revenge for what? Where is Pakhi , Romil started out by explaining the issues he had encountered at the hotel and the events that had occurred since his arrival. He explained how Adhik had falsely accused him of theft and how Pakhi had sided with Adhik. He had attempted to enlighten Pakhi about Adhik’s manipulation, but she had scolded him instead. Romil revealed, “I wanted to teach them a lesson, which is why I played this prank.” Anupama stood there, stunned by his revelation.


Anupama Grills Romil Over Pakhi’s Disappearance

Toshu confronted the goon, his voice tense with worry. He demanded to know if they had kidnapped his sister. The goon’s response sent shivers down Toshu’s spine. “Nobody from our gang kidnapped your sister,” he claimed, “but there’s a possibility she could be a victim of human trafficking.” He tried to reassure Toshu, saying, “I don’t want to alarm you, but it’s strange because you folks don’t seem to have any enemies.” He promised to look into the matter and departed. Samar, overwhelmed with fear, broke down in tears, his voice quivering as he vowed, “Nothing will happen to any girl.” Toshu, though troubled, reminded Samar that the goon’s statement was uncertain, urging his brother to hold himself together.

Anupama turned her attention to Romil, desperation in her eyes, and demanded answers about Pakhi. Romil began to explain, recounting how he had overheard Pakhi warning Anupama. He had then learned that Adhik was planning to meet a friend at a restaurant while Pakhi was going to the Shah house. An idea had struck him, and he had manipulated Pakhi into making a call through his friend. Romil detailed how his friend, pretending to be Adhik’s friend Sunil, had asked for Pakhi’s assistance in planning a surprise for Adhik. Reluctantly, Pakhi had agreed, and Romil’s friend had cautioned her not to inform Adhik, making it sound like a secret surprise.

Pakhi had left the house as Romil had expected, her love for Adhik blinding her to the ruse. Romil recalled a flashback where he had confidently declared, “Now, see my game.” He explained that his plan had been proceeding smoothly. He had instructed his friend to keep Pakhi confined temporarily and release her in the morning. He stressed that they hadn’t kidnapped her, but rather, it was all a prank. With a hint of satisfaction, he admitted, “I gave them a taste of their own medicine. They were due it. He acknowledged that he had lost track of Pakhi’s location nevertheless. Anupama’s anger flared at his revelation.

  The preview : Anupama issuing a stern warning to Romil, her voice laced with worry. Meanwhile, Pakhi’s fate remained uncertain as she stumbled upon three ominous figures in the upcoming episode.





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