Anupama Written Episode 17th September Episode : Anupama Uncovers Shocking Secret About Malti Devi’s Son ! 

Anupama Written Episode 17th September Episode : Anupama Uncovers Shocking Secret About Malti Devi’s Son !


Malti Devi’s Confusion and Anuj’s Concern

In a poignant scene, Pakhi sits beside Malti Devi, who, in her sleep, yearns for her son and questions why he hasn’t come to visit her. This moment reflects the complexity of Malti Devi’s condition, as she grapples with memories and emotions.


Anuj’s Troubling Thoughts

Anuj expresses his concerns to Anupama regarding Malti Devi’s behavior. He mentions that Malti Devi referred to him as “beta” at the clinic, and he recalls her earlier threat of seeking revenge. Anuj admits to feeling worried for everyone and shares his fear. Anupama tries to reassure him, suggesting that Malti Devi might be mistaking him for Nakul, whom she used to address as “beta.” Anuj, however, remains apprehensive and urges Anupama to explore the possibility of finding Malti Devi’s family.


Babu Ji’s Lighthearted Solution

In a light-hearted exchange, Baa questions Babu Ji about his extensive storytelling and work with the colony kids. Babu Ji reveals that he shares stories with the children, bringing them joy, and their parents often offer some monetary appreciation. Baa inquires about his earnings, and Babu Ji humbly remarks that it’s better than nothing. He emphasizes his desire not to be a burden and expresses his wish to support his children. Babu Ji proposes an amusing plan involving Baa, suggesting that her stern expressions would make the children more receptive to his scary stories. Their laughter signifies the warmth of their companionship.


Baa’s Inquiry about Malti Devi

Baa queries Babu Ji about Anupama’s whereabouts and prompts him to call her to inquire about Malti Devi’s situation. Concerned about Malti Devi’s well-being, Baa seeks updates from Anupama.

Anupama Written Episode 17th September Episode : Anupama Uncovers Shocking Secret About Malti Devi's Son ! 


Anupama’s Heartfelt Advice to Pakhi

In a heartfelt conversation, Anupama shares her concerns with Pakhi. Anupama reveals that she’s heading out for Gurumaa’s work and hands her phone to Pakhi. Pakhi, sensing that Anupama wants to discuss something important, inquires if she’s going somewhere. Anupama responds that it’s for Gurumaa’s work and proceeds to offer Pakhi some advice.


Concerns About Romil and Adhik

Pakhi, keenly perceptive, asks if Anupama is concerned about Romil and Adhik. Anupama acknowledges her worries and begins to express her perspective. She cautions Pakhi, emphasizing that change doesn’t occur overnight. Anupama believes that deeply ingrained habits and thought patterns take time to transform, comparing the process to the gradual change in weather.


A Woman’s Fear and a Man’s Ego

Anupama candidly shares her wisdom, highlighting the time it takes for a woman to overcome fear and a man to let go of his ego. She believes that Adhik’s improved behavior, though commendable, may be a temporary change. Anupama encourages Pakhi to rely on herself for happiness rather than constantly following Adhik.


The Value of Advice and Guidance

Drawing from her own experiences, Anupama reminisces about how elders from their neighborhood used to provide valuable advice and guidance when they faced challenges in their marriage. She expresses concern that the new generation tends to reject such help, viewing it as interference. Anupama firmly believes that seeking guidance and counseling can be beneficial, whether it’s from her or a professional marriage counselor.


Taking Control of Her Marriage

Anupama urges Pakhi to consider her options, emphasizing that seeking help when facing problems in marriage is as valid as a student seeking tuition for weak subjects. She suggests that if Pakhi doesn’t want to discuss the matter with her, she should consult a marriage counselor openly and avail of their advice. With a heartfelt message, Anupama leaves Pakhi to ponder her words.


Pakhi’s Determination

As Anupama departs, Pakhi reflects on her marriage and her commitment to ensuring that both her relationship and her marital life are perfect. Her resolve to take charge of her marriage becomes evident.


Anupama’s Quest for Clues

Anupama arrives at Malti Devi’s dance academy, a place filled with memories from the past. Anuj’s words weigh heavily on her mind, and she resolves to help him and aid Gurumaa in her condition. As she walks through the academy, lost in thought, a lady confronts her, questioning her presence. Anupama calmly explains her purpose, asking the lady to check if there are any belongings of Malti Devi left in the storeroom. She hopes that these remnants may help trigger Gurumaa’s lost memories.


A Discovery in the Suitcase

The lady returns with a suitcase, revealing that it was found in the storeroom. Anupama expresses her gratitude and begins to sift through its contents. Among the items, she discovers ghungroos, toys, and various other belongings. Anupama hopes that these possessions might hold the key to unlocking Gurumaa’s forgotten past.


Concern for Baa’s Health

Meanwhile, at home, Babu ji enjoys a cup of tea while urging Baa to rest to avoid straining her knees. However, Baa remains unresponsive, causing Babu ji to become concerned. Investigating further, he enters the kitchen and is alarmed to find smoke. Rushing to ventilate the area, he calls for Kavya’s assistance.


Baa’s Unconsciousness

Kavya arrives and clears the kitchen of smoke. To her shock, she discovers Baa unconscious on the floor. Distressed, she attempts to lift her but is unable to do so. Fearing the worst, she urgently calls Vanraj and Samar but struggles to establish a connection. Kavya reassures herself that Baa has merely fainted due to the smoke, but her condition remains precarious.


Babu ji’s Concern

Babu ji expresses his concern, emphasizing how selfless and caring Baa is. He reveals that Baa had concealed her elevated blood pressure to avoid incurring medical expenses. Babu ji praises the resilience of women like Baa and Anupama, calling them embodiments of goddesses.


Kavya’s Heroic Actions

Vanraj assures Babu ji that they will provide Baa with the same level of care and affection that he has offered. Kavya’s swift response in handling the situation is commended. Baa regains consciousness and thanks Kavya for her prompt action. Kavya, moved by the gesture, retreats emotionally from the room.


Baa’s Determination

As Baa sits up, she reassures her family that she is fine and vows to take care of her health. Despite her fainting spell, Baa remains determined and resilient, determined to shoulder her responsibilities.


Anupama’s Discovery

Anupama continues her search within the dance academy, hoping to find some clues about Malti Devi’s past. In her exploration, she stumbles upon a birth certificate belonging to Malti Devi’s son. The document is in poor condition, revealing the passage of time. Anuj messages her, inquiring about her whereabouts, and she responds after a while.


The Birth Certificate’s Significance

The discovery of Malti Devi’s son’s birth certificate raises questions in Anupama’s mind. She recalls Nakul’s assertion that Malti Devi had a son, but the son’s whereabouts remained a mystery. Anupama’s curiosity is piqued, and she begins to wonder where Malti Devi’s son might be.


A Clue from the Past

While searching further, Anupama comes across a receipt from an orphanage. This finding deepens the mystery surrounding Malti Devi’s past and her connection to her son.


A Glimpse of the Upcoming Revelation

In the preview of the next episode, Anupama confides in Anuj about her visit to Gurukul and the discovery of Gurumaa’s birth certificate. She informs him that Gurumaa’s son is of age, hinting at a significant revelation. Anupama uncovers a photograph of Malti Devi’s son and presents it to her, eliciting an emotional response from Malti Devi. The question of where her son is and the secrets of her past remain central to the unfolding storyline.

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