Anupama Written Episode Update 13th September : Samar and Toshu’s frantic search is described in “Pakhi’s Cry for Help.”

Anupama Written Episode Update 13th September : Samar and Toshu’s frantic search is described in “Pakhi’s Cry for Help.”.



Anuj’s Revelation: Anupama’s Mysterious Departure

Anuj revealed that Anupama had left without informing anyone. Adhik inquired about Romil’s whereabouts, and Anuj dismissively responded, “I don’t care where he went.” Adhik urged him to reconsider, saying, “You may not trust me, but you should at least question him.” Barkha chimed in, pointing out that Romil’s behavior had been peculiar, and she implored Anuj to see reason.


Anupama’s Scolding: A Mother’s Frustration

Anupama, her anger boiling over, scolded Romil vehemently, declaring, “You deserve a thousand slaps! One can have disagreements within the family, but seeking revenge is unacceptable.” She berated him for his petty mindset and his desire for vengeance over trivial matters. Romil feebly defended himself, insisting that he had intended it as a joke. Anupama, her frustration evident, retorted, “Is this a joke? My daughter is missing, and both families are in agony because of your revenge.”


Sibling Support: Samar and Toshu Stay Strong

Toshu, trying to console Samar, assured him, “Pakhi can handle tough situations; don’t worry.” He encouraged his brother to keep his composure, stating, “She must be doing her best, and we should do the same.”


“Anupama’s Agony: Demanding Answers from Romil”

Anupama’s eyes welled up with tears as she confronted Romil, her voice trembling with despair. She implored him to reveal the whereabouts of her daughter and cried out, “Tell me, what have you done with her?”

Romil, his face contorted with guilt, admitted, “I don’t know. I asked my friend to lock her in the house, and I had no idea where she went afterward.”

Anupama Written Episode Update 13th September : Samar and Toshu's frantic search is described in "Pakhi's Cry for Help.".


“Anupama’s Rebuke: The Consequences of Thoughtless Pranks”

Anupama, her anger palpable, scolded Romil and questioned the lack of understanding of right and wrong in their actions. She emphasized the severe repercussions of such thoughtless pranks, citing examples of lives lost and individuals imprisoned due to similar incidents.


“A Mother’s Fear: Imagining Pakhi’s Ordeal”

Anupama beseeched Romil to consider the fear and uncertainty her daughter must be enduring. She emphasized Pakhi’s likely terror, not knowing if her captors would release her. Anupama challenged Romil, asking if he would have acted the same way if Pakhi were his real sister.


“Anuj’s Concern: Searching for Answers”

Anuj tried to reach Anupama, growing increasingly worried as her phone remained unresponsive. Adhik expressed his concern about Romil’s delayed return, convinced of his involvement in Pakhi’s disappearance.


“Accusations Fly: Suspicion Surrounds Romil”

Adhik firmly accused Romil of being complicit in Pakhi’s kidnapping, vowing not to let him off the hook if his suspicions were proven right. Others, like Ankush, cautioned against making unfounded accusations, while Barkha urged everyone to focus on finding the truth.


“Anupama’s Desperate Search: The Shocking Revelation About Pakhi”

Anupama’s desperation mounted as she implored Romil to contact his friend for answers about Pakhi’s whereabouts. She recounted her search in their room, finding it empty and devoid of any trace of her daughter. With a tone dripping with menace, she warned the person on the other end of the line that she would take matters into her own hands and inflict harm if they didn’t disclose Pakhi’s location. Anupama’s anger and concern were palpable as she demanded the truth.

The boy on the call eventually confessed that, in a bid to silence Pakhi’s incessant shouting, he had administered 2-3 sleeping pills mixed in water to her. The revelation left both Anupama and Romil in a state of shock.

As Anupama grappled with poor network reception, Romil received a call from Anuj. Anupama intercepted the call and briefed Anuj on the unfolding crisis.

Meanwhile, Kavya took care of Babu ji, offering him medicine and tea, while Baa’s prayers resonated throughout the house, filled with anxiety over Pakhi’s safety.

Samar and Toshu continued their relentless search for Pakhi, refusing to give up hope.

Anupama brought Romil back home, where Adhik’s fury erupted, leading him to slap Romil in frustration. Romil, clearly distressed, maintained his innocence, asserting that he had no knowledge of Pakhi’s whereabouts.

Accusations and confrontations ensued, with Anuj probing Romil’s well-being and Anupama revealing the shocking truth about Romil’s friend locking Pakhi in a room and drugging her. Barkha pointed out the irony of Romil’s actions, while Romil attempted to explain that he hadn’t anticipated the situation spiraling out of control and swore that he hadn’t acted with malicious intent.

As tensions flared, Adhik, Barkha, and Ankush called for police involvement, insistent that Romil needed to face the consequences. Romil, desperate to avoid police intervention, pleaded for clemency. Anuj, however, decided that their immediate priority was to locate Pakhi and advised informing Mr. Shah.


“Anupama’s Agonizing Quest: Pakhi’s Cry for Help”

Samar and Toshu arrived at a location they were directed to by a man who claimed to have information about Pakhi’s whereabouts. With a sense of urgency, they began searching for her. Samar took the lead, promising to check the area. However, Toshu soon concluded that Pakhi wasn’t there and urged Samar to return to the car. Reluctantly, they left the location.

Meanwhile, Pakhi, trapped in a drowsy state due to the sleeping pills, tumbled to the ground, calling out for her mother, Anupama. Anupama, sensing her daughter’s voice, responded by calling her affectionately, “Sweety.” Unbeknownst to them, some menacing goons approached Pakhi, who was unable to see clearly in her disoriented state. Anuj, deeply worried, inquired about the situation, and Anupama expressed her fear for Pakhi’s safety, clinging to her faith and praying to Kanha ji.

Samar and Toshu returned home, where Baa offered to search for Pakhi herself. However, Babu ji cautioned against informing Vanraj about the situation, fearing it would devastate him. Unbeknownst to them, Vanraj overheard their conversation. Anupama’s tears flowed freely as she grappled with the anguish of her daughter’s disappearance. Anuj tried to reassure her, reminding her of her earlier proclamation that nothing would happen to Pakhi.

Meanwhile, Pakhi, in her vulnerable state, called for help as the menacing goons approached her. They appeared poised to harm her, but their actions were suddenly halted by the unexpected arrival of Gurumaa. Gurumaa’s intervention was prompted by her recollection of Anupama’s earlier words.

In the preview : for the next episode, Anupama excitedly announces Sweety’s return, and Gurumaa is shown bringing Pakhi home, reuniting her with her family.



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