Anupama Written Update 16th September Episode : Malti Devi’s Secrets Exposed

Anupama Written Update 16th September Episode : Malti Devi’s Secrets Exposed.

Gurumaa Reunites with Anuj, Anupama’s Concern

In a heartfelt moment, Gurumaa touches Anuj’s cheeks and expresses her joy at seeing him after a long time. She conveys that her eyes had yearned for this reunion and questions Anuj about his absence. Anuj, taken by surprise, asks her to retract her statement, and she obliges.

Just as this interaction unfolds, Anupama arrives on the scene, inquiring about what has happened. Anuj brushes it off as nothing significant, and Anupama suggests they head home.

Gurumaa, curious, asks whose home they are referring to, to which Anupama replies that it’s their own home. She extends an invitation to Gurumaa to join them.

Meanwhile, in another setting, Ankush advises Barkha not to give him a piercing look and urges her to express what’s on her mind. Barkha, somewhat hesitant, eventually discloses that she doesn’t wish to articulate her thoughts because Ankush is already aware of what their son, Romil, has done. Ankush, somewhat expectantly, questions her intentions. Barkha asserts that Romil has made a mistake and accuses Ankush of always attempting to conceal Adhik’s misdeeds. Defending Adhik, Barkha asserts her brother’s innocence. Ankush, however, asserts that he, at least, acknowledges Romil’s errors, unlike Barkha, who consistently defends Adhik. Barkha remains steadfast in her support for Adhik, but Ankush contends that everyone has given Romil a second chance and that if he errs again, Barkha will have to take action.


Anupama Written Update 16th September Episode : Malti Devi's Secrets Exposed.


Family Conversations and Concerns for Pakhi’s Choices

Amidst the family, Baa expresses her gratitude to God for Pakhi’s safe return home. Kinjal takes the opportunity to share her mannat (prayer) for Pakhi’s well-being. Dimpy, though acknowledging her own shortcomings, reveals that she too prayed for Pakhi, emphasizing her roles as a daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and woman.

Toshu, however, questions Pakhi’s decision to forgive Romil and laments that she seems to have transformed into a better person since being with Anupama. He can’t comprehend why Pakhi would forgive someone like Romil and feels that both Adhik and Romil should be in jail for their actions.

Kinjal, on the other hand, offers a different perspective, suggesting that people can change for the better when they feel guilt and love. Toshu remains skeptical, asserting that it’s foolish to trust individuals like Romil who have betrayed trust before. Kinjal counters this by highlighting the necessity of trusting strangers in various professions like doctors and pilots.

Toshu, however, remains steadfast in his distrust of Romil and Adhik. Kinjal reminds him that Pakhi has the right to make her own choices and live her life. She also points out that those who refuse to forgive others forfeit their right to seek forgiveness from others.

Kavya enters the conversation, admitting to her own mistakes and the associated guilt. She expresses her belief in Romil’s potential for change, just as she herself has changed since coming to the family. Vanraj raises concerns about Romil’s immaturity and potential wrongdoings, while Babu ji tries to quell the argument.

However, Baa interjects with a concerning revelation – she suspects that Gurumaa’s return may not be genuine and that she might be pretending, similar to Maya, in order to seek revenge.


Adhik and Pakhi’s Plans for a Date Night

In a gesture of warmth, Adhik presents a cold coffee to Pakhi, who gratefully accepts it. Barkha, emphasizing happiness, encourages the couple to cherish their moments together and suggests they go on a date. Adhik contemplates a movie or dinner date, and Pakhi extends an invitation to her mother, Barkha, to join them.

While Barkha initially declines, Adhik proposes that they all go together. Pakhi, however, points out that her mother and brother won’t accompany them due to Malti Devi. Adhik suggests including Jiju (brother-in-law) and Choti (sister) in their outing. Pakhi notices Romil nearby and invites him to join them for the movie.

Romil, initially hesitant, expresses his inability to join due to a pending project. Pakhi, determined to help him, offers her assistance with the project. Romil accepts her offer and leaves to retrieve his project materials. Barkha and Adhik caution Pakhi about trusting Romil, but she remains steadfast in her belief that Romil can change for the better.

Meanwhile, Kavya brings tea to Vanraj and shares her perspective on love. She acknowledges the complexities of love and how it can make it difficult to sever ties. She mentions Pakhi’s willingness to give Adhik a chance and expresses hope that Vanraj might someday accept their child, despite the family’s disapproval. Kavya admits that she endures taunts from Baa and Vanraj, but her love for him keeps her at the house. She holds out hope for a future where their child is accepted, even if Vanraj currently rejects the idea.


Anuj’s Discomfort with Malti Devi’s Behavior

Anuj confides in Anupama, expressing his discomfort with Malti Devi’s presence. He acknowledges that they are not Malti Devi’s family, which raises questions about why they are taking care of her. Anupama, understanding Anuj’s reservations, points out Malti Devi’s age and condition and questions what they would do if it were their own mothers in a similar situation.

Anuj is unsure of how to react to Malti Devi, admitting that he feels uncomfortable around her. Anupama, folding her hands, pleads with him to tolerate it for just a few days, but Anuj is hesitant.

Adhik and Pakhi enter the room, and Pakhi inquires about Malti Devi’s condition. Anupama informs them that the doctor expects her to recover soon. Pakhi then proposes organizing a birthday party for Anuj, which he eventually agrees to.

However, as they discuss the party plans, they are interrupted by a commotion. Malti Devi claims that she didn’t do anything, and a tray has fallen by mistake. Anuj is taken aback but reassures her that it’s okay. The startling explosion had everyone completely off guard.

Gurumaa expresses her desire to go to Anuj’s house and be with him, and Anuj is visibly uncomfortable with her calling him “beta” and acting affectionate. He confides in Anupama, expressing his dislike for this behavior and apologizing for it.

As the family discusses the situation, Anupama assures Malti Devi that she is in her own home. Anuj walks away, and Anupama follows him, where he opens up about his feelings, stating that he hates Malti Devi’s behavior and the way she addresses him as “beta.”


Upcoming Twist in the Story: Precap

In the forthcoming episodes, Anupama takes action by visiting Malti Devi’s house and instructing a servant to collect her belongings. This decision appears to be a significant turning point in the story.

Meanwhile, a dramatic and worrying moment unfolds as Babu ji discovers Baa unconscious and urgently calls out for Leela. This unexpected incident adds a layer of tension and suspense to the storyline.

Additionally, Anupama stumbles upon a birth certificate, leading her to question the identity of her son. This shocking discovery is likely to have far-reaching consequences and could alter the course of the narrative in unforeseen ways. The upcoming episodes promise intriguing developments and revelations that will keep viewers eagerly awaiting the unfolding events.


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