Anupama Written Update 20th September Episode : Anupama Investigation

Anupama Written Update 20th September Episode : Anupama’s Investigation


Malti Devi’s Mysterious Behavior Sparks Anupama’s Investigation


Anupama observes Malti Devi’s restlessness and offers to help her find what she’s looking for. Just then, Pakhi enters the scene and volunteers to assist Malti Devi. Malti Devi gazes at Pakhi, her eyes reflecting a glimmer of recognition. Anupama introduces Pakhi as her daughter and explains that Malti Devi had brought her to their home. As they leave together, Malti Devi’s gaze lingers on Anuj, leaving him feeling uneasy and perplexed.


Anuj, still puzzled by Malti Devi’s behavior, expresses his discomfort to Anupama. He mentions the intensity of her stare and how it makes him uneasy. Anupama playfully reassures him and reminds him not to let it affect him too much. She affectionately labels it “Biwi giri” or wifely authority.


Anupama then suggests that since Anuj isn’t going to the office and has some free time, he should use it to finish his pending meeting. She also informs him that she intends to personally deliver the donation cheque to the orphanage. Anuj appreciates her gesture and confesses that performing acts of kindness brings him immense satisfaction. Anupama acknowledges his inherent goodness and warmth.


Anuj further shares that he used to travel to Mumbai to give donations to Abhay, a person associated with the orphanage. However, he informs Anupama that a branch of the orphanage has now opened in Ahmedabad. Anuj’s commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of children in need resonates with Anupama.


Anupama reflects on the belief that no child should grow up in an orphanage, emphasizing the importance of children experiencing the love of both parents. She then acknowledges Anuj’s deep-rooted pain and sorrow. Anuj is about to speak, but Anupama cuts in, stating that she’s been inquiring about the medical center. Anuj is taken aback and asks her how she knew about it. Anupama playfully responds that she’s not only learned to read people’s hearts but also to steal them, earning her the affectionate nickname “Lady Bond” from Anuj.


Their banter highlights the strong bond and understanding between Anupama and Anuj, as they navigate life’s challenges together.

Anupama Written Update 20th September Episode : Anupama's Investigation

Malti Devi Inquires about the Celebration

Malti Devi, her curiosity piqued, approached Pakhi with a question about the presence of flowers. Pakhi, with a warm smile, disclosed the reason – they were commemorating Buddy’s birthday today. Touched by the sentiment, Malti Devi emotionally urged Pakhi to ensure that the celebration was a success.


Adhik and Romil’s Collision

In an unexpected twist, Adhik and Romil found themselves colliding with each other. Adhik, his frustration evident, questioned Romil’s spatial awareness with a hint of irritation. Romil, realizing his mistake, swiftly apologized, acknowledging his error. Adhik, however, was in no mood for forgiveness, reprimanding Romil for a series of missteps. In an attempt to defuse the tension, Romil reiterated his apology, but Adhik remained skeptical, cautioning against any pretense. Pakhi, sensing the escalating tension, arrived on the scene, inquiring about the commotion.


Pakhi’s Plans for the Celebration

Romil, eager to shift the focus, assured Pakhi that everything was under control, masking the underlying tension with forced cheerfulness. Choti Anu, the youngest among them, chimed in with enthusiasm, inquiring about the games planned for the party. Pakhi, with an affectionate smile, promised a plethora of games to keep everyone entertained. Choti, with unwavering determination, declared her allegiance to Romil’s team.

Roles and Responsibilities

Turning her attention to the party preparations, Pakhi entrusted Romil with the crucial role of being the official DJ for the day. Romil accepted the responsibility with enthusiasm, ready to infuse the celebration with vibrant music. Meanwhile, Pakhi delegated the task of gift-wrapping to Adhik, who, perhaps a tad bit reluctantly, accepted the role.


Pakhi’s Call for Unity

Pakhi, keen on averting any further conflicts, urged the two not to engage in a battle of egos on this special day. She emphasized the importance of unity and celebration, especially given the tumultuous past they had all endured. The atmosphere was meant to be filled with joy, and drama was to be left at the door. They were unaware that fate had other intentions.

Anupama’s Mission

Meanwhile, in another corner of the story, Anupama contemplated her plans for the day. Her heart led her to the orphanage, where she hoped to find solace and then to the temple for a puja before returning home. Her gaze fell upon a photograph of Malti Devi’s son on her bed, a picture that Choti had uncovered. Anupama, with a heavy heart, saw this as a sign, a message from a higher power to lead her on a journey to reunite with Malti Devi’s son.

An Unexpected Mishap

As she pondered her mission, a sudden mishap occurred – Choti slipped and Anupama accidentally dropped the photograph into the nearby dustbin. Concerned for Choti’s well-being, Anupama extended a caring hand and inquired about her safety.

Reminiscing and Celebration

Meanwhile, the family gathered, their conversations flowing with nostalgia and fond memories. Baa expressed her delight at celebrating Anuj’s birthday on this auspicious day, reminiscing about how Anuj had arrived at their doorstep on his very first birthday, coinciding with Janmasthami. Vanraj added that Anuj had been instrumental in saving Samar’s life, earning him a special place in their hearts. Babu ji reflected on Anuj’s journey from being an orphan to his current status, acknowledging the incredible strides he had made. Baa praised Anuj’s luck and determination, promising to dance with joy.


Tensions and Suspicions

Yet, the presence of Adhik and Romil posed a potential challenge. Babu ji urged Vanraj to keep his temper in check, especially in the presence of these two individuals. Baa, never one to mince words, expressed her distrust of Malti Devi from the very beginning. Dimpy entered the scene with a heavy heart, her countenance reflecting a profound sadness. Kinjal inquired about her well-being, prompting Dimpy to admit feeling weak. Baa, with her characteristic sarcasm, playfully suggested that Dimpy should skip the party, but Dimpy insisted on attending.


A Mysterious Flicker

Babu ji issued a stern reminder, emphasizing the need to avoid any drama during the party. Little did they know that an unforeseen twist awaited them as the lights flickered, casting an unexpected and eerie shadow over the impending celebration .

Anupama arrived at the orphanage, informing the lady in charge that Anuj couldn’t make it, so she came in his place. The lady complimented Anupama, saying she looked beautiful. Anupama explained that it had been Anuj’s birthday the previous day, and that’s why she couldn’t come earlier. She handed over a check but mistakenly gave the lady a photograph. Upon seeing the photo, the lady became intrigued and asked where Anupama had obtained it. Anupama shared that it was a picture of her Gurumaa’s son. The lady, now curious, inquired about Malti Devi and the boy in the photo.

Meanwhile, Anuj prepared for his day and wondered about Anupama’s absence, hoping she hadn’t cast any negative energy upon him. He spotted Malti Devi in her room and discreetly closed the door, silently praying that she wouldn’t attend his birthday party. Interestingly, the lights flickered at the orphanage as well.

Anupama, still at the orphanage, asked the lady if she knew the boy in the photograph and where he lived. The lady seemed surprised and asked if Anupama didn’t already know. Anupama replied in the negative.

Back at the celebration, Baa approached Anuj to wish him a happy birthday and protect him from the evil eye. Anuj found Baa’s way of warding off the bad luck amusing. Baa, in her usual teasing manner, mentioned that she had been a source of trouble for Anupama in the past, even now, and yet he understood her. Anuj playfully referred to her as Golu, Molu, Rolu, and so on, and urged her not to taunt Anupama. He then joined the rest of the family and greeted everyone. He expressed concern for Dimpy, who assured him she was fine. The family continued to wish Anuj a happy birthday, with Vanraj hugging him. Romil made his entrance, leading to some tension until Babu ji calmed Vanraj down. Pakhi proposed starting the party, but Anuj insisted on waiting for Anupama. Barkha explained that Anupama had gone to the orphanage, then to the temple, and would soon be home. Anuj grew anxious, wondering why she hadn’t arrived yet. Toshu attempted to reassure him, suggesting they begin the party. Baa offered the idea that perhaps Anupama was bringing a big surprise. Meanwhile, the lady at the orphanage revealed something to Anupama that left her shocked.


In the preview for the next episode, Anupama visits the temple, expressing her belief that the puzzle will be solved in an unexpected way. She anticipates a reunion between a son and his mother and smiles as she drives. Back at the party, Anuj, Vanraj, and others dance, while Malti Devi observes Anuj closely.

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