Anupama Written Update Today’s Episode 4th September : Vanraj and Kavya’s Emotional Confrontation & Family Turmoil 

Anupama Written Update Today’s Episode 4th September : Vanraj and Kavya’s Emotional Confrontation & Family Turmoil


Vanraj and Kavya’s Heart-to-Heart: A Closer Look at Their Conversation

Vanraj informs Kavya that no matter what she did or what occurred, he still loves her deeply. He also says that he needs some time since he doesn’t want to have his steps retraced like they did today because of questioning from others. I understand, I pushed you, Kavya replies. Vanraj expresses regret for giving her optimism and then dash it. Is it okay if I go now, Kavya asks. Vanraj claims that although I didn’t want to leave you alone in this tense setting, I stopped you because I knew you might not be able to go with everyone. Romil wonders whether anyone has any doubts about me. I have my doubts about you, Adhik continues, so you should first examine Romil’s chamber before checking mine. They may search his room, Romil suggests. We should search it, Anupama says, and no one will be accused. Kavya considers calling Anupama and then considers how much difficulty she will cause.


Kavya’s Desperate Plea and Babu Ji’s Unexpected Reaction ! 

She approaches Babu Ji and requests a two-minute conversation, saying, “You’re mad at me.” Babu ji expresses his hurt and adds it is up to us whether we make a mistake or not. Kavya acknowledges her mistakes, yet she still deeply loves Vanraj. We won’t discuss it, according to Babu ji, but if you wish to stay here, you are welcome to do so. Baa breaks the tea cup, asks what she wants, tells her to go to her room, and begs her not to make eye contact with her in order to avoid raising her blood pressure. Kavya begs her not to be angry with her as she sobs. Baa queries if you considered us while doing this transgression. There, Kinjal arrives to sooth Baa. Baa leaves. Kavya adds that if Kinjal begs Baa to forgive me, she will if you say so. Kinjal claims that Baa’s rage is appropriate. Everyone used to really love me until yesterday, according to Kavya, but now no one wants to see my face. What should we do, she queries ?


Secrets Unveiled: Barkha’s Money Mystery and Kavya’s Emotional Turmoil ! 

Everybody is looking for money. Barkha is asked by Ankush if she is indeed looking for the money. Barkha claims that either I didn’t keep the money here or no one has shown here. She queries if he spent the cash. Ankush claims that I spend my own money and that Anuj pays me a sufficient wage to cover my outgoings. Barkha predicts that you’ll find the money you need.

Kavya is asked by Kinjal not to cry. Everything, according to Kavya, is eluding her control. According to Kinjal, you are to blame for your state of affairs, and whatever Toshu did to me, you also did to Papa. If she doesn’t accept her apology, she doesn’t expect forgiveness, and if she doesn’t, she says to assume that she was punished for what she was requesting to be punished. I won’t expect forgiveness, but I will always ask for it, according to Kavya .


Anupama Written Update Today's Episode 4th September : Vanraj and Kavya's Emotional Confrontation & Family Turmoil 


Drama Unfolds: Romil’s Accusations, Hidden Money, and Family Feuds ! 

Romil is told not to enter the room by Adhik, who also promises to examine the space. Romil won’t permit him to enter his room. There, Pakhi shows up. Adhik requests permission to examine his room. I will examine your room, Romil says. Adhik advises action. Romil claims that I see you as a cheater. He is urged to speak politely by Pakhi. In my eyes, Romil claims that he is an abuser. Romil is stopped when Ankush arrives there. Adhik had been residing here for a while, according to Barkha, but not even 25 paisa was taken. I’ll examine Adhik’s room, Romil says. While Romil checks Adhik’s chamber, Barkha does the same. After being harmed, Barkha sits down.

Romil emerges from Adhik’s bedroom. If the money has been located, Adhik queries. Before being apprehended, he informs Romil that this attitude is that of a thief. They are asked to be quiet by Anupama. Romil claims that you won’t receive anything. When Pakhi arrives, she displays the briefcase and claims to have discovered it in Romil’s room.

Romil claims that I didn’t take the cash, therefore how is cash in my room? He queries Pakhi as to whether she had her violent spouse and money in his chamber. He is accused and made fun of by Barkha for his upbringing. Romil is advised by Ankush to inquire with him if he needs money. Romil claims that I didn’t take it. Adhik speculates that the money may have been used to play hide and seek in your room. Romil claims that I didn’t take it. He is asked to apologise by Barkha.

Hunt for hidden objects. Romil claims that I didn’t take it. He is asked to apologise by Barkha. He’s asked to do it by Adhik. Romil inquires as to whether I should apologise like you did in front of Pakhi. He claims he is certain Adhik has concealed money in his room and he won’t accept his apology. My Adhik, according to Pakhi, is not that way. Romil claims that Adhik and his sisters have been attempting to trap me for a long time and have been falsely accusing me in order to get me to leave this place.


Romil vs. Ankush – Accusations, Money Mystery, and Family Tensions Explode ! 

He claims they were concerned when I arrived to get my iPad and claims they are both involved in the scheme. He is urged to halt by Barkha. He claims that if he had stolen the money, he wouldn’t have brought it here and would have fled with it, according to Anupama. My Di and I are not thieves, according to Adhik. Because of this, according to Anuj, no money was taken from my office while I was away. According to Romil, a guy who can cheat and beat his wife is capable of anything.
Ankush claims that youngsters might occasionally become sidetracked by money. Pakhi urges him to refrain from blaming her spouse. Romil claims that she did not steal the money and that her Didi and your husband are to blame. Don’t implicate my Didi, said Adhik. Romil claims that your Didi always stands by you, even if you hit Pakhi and claim that they are to blame for any wrongdoing in the home. Ankush is informed by Barkha that Romil refers to his wife as a thief. Ankush claims that my wife once accused Romil of stealing.
They clash. Anupama tells Anuj to be quiet. It’s enough, according to Anuj; I’ll see. He gives them display pieces and orders them to fight, warning them that if they don’t, he’ll pull the trigger. Inquiring as to who has taken the money, he questions them. Send me to jail if you don’t believe Romil when he claims that I didn’t do anything. It’s too much, according to Anuj.


Explosive Showdown: Romil’s Accusations and Family’s Breaking Point – Truth Unveiled !

Since they won’t be here, Romil claims that jail will be a better option than this place. He also claims that since you already know their true identities, they are still living here, and that such individuals will follow you into the afterlife. He is asked to be quiet by Barkha. Romil explains that the reason is that your truth is emerging. Romil is yelled at and slapped by Ankush. He claims that although I had intended to keep you close by, take good care of you, and complete my fatherly obligations by educating you, now I am lowering my head in front of you. He requests the truth from him. Romil claims that I didn’t take the cash. Anupama requests that Ankush wrap things up. Barkha apologises to Anuj, saying that you would have contacted the police and had Adhik punished if he had done this instead. Leave it, says Adhik. You want me to contact the police, Anupama replies, adding that they would arrive and take finger prints. She then asks for her phone so she can make the call. I don’t want to damage our family’s reputation, Adhik claims. Barkha claims that since you are considerate of others and family, we should put this problem to rest at this point. Anuj complains that you people have severely tried his tolerance and declares that enough is enough if you do it again.


Preview : Anupama warns Adhik that while his misdeeds and plots can be concealed from the view of his daughter, they cannot be hidden from the view of her mother. Adhik is upheld by Pakhi, who informs Anupama that enough is enough. You have said enough at the incorrect location while remaining mute in the appropriate location, according to Anupama. When asked why you are attempting to separate us, Pakhi replies that you should be pleased that we are together and content. She threatens to do something that will only result in your remorse if you don’t quit meddling with her marital life.



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