Anupama Written Update Today’s Episode 7th September : Anupama’s Rakhi Showdown and Kavya’s Pregnancy Predicament: A Gripping Episode Unfolds !

Anupama Written Update Today’s Episode 7th September : Anupama’s Rakhi Showdown and Kavya’s Pregnancy Predicament: A Gripping Episode Unfolds !


“Anupama vs. Pakhi: Rakhi Drama Unleashed, Vanraj’s Surprise Poetry – You Won’t Believe Their Showdown!”

Anupama turned to Pakhi and laid it all out plain and simple, “If you don’t feel like showing up, don’t. No need to make it seem like you’re doing us a big favor by tying those rakhi threads on your brothers’ wrists.” She looked straight into Pakhi’s eyes and “It seems to me that family and festivals are not very important to you. . But let me tell you, what truly matters is your husband. Be there for him, darling.”

With those words hanging in the air, she turned to Choti Anu and beckoned her to come along. Anuj, Anupama, and Choti Anu left the scene, leaving Pakhi behind, lost in her thoughts of cherished moments with her brother.

Meanwhile, Anupama arrived at the Shah house, where Samar and Toshu eagerly awaited Pakhi’s arrival. Anupama broke the news, “Pakhi won’t be joining us, and she seems quite determined about something.”

Anuj chimed in, trying to offer some consolation, “Once her anger settles, she’ll come around.”

Choti Anu, however, had already arrived and was ready to fulfill her duties. Kinjal urged her forward, “Come, let’s perform the aarti for your brothers.” Choti Anu gracefully carried out the ritual.

Anuj sensed that something was amiss with Vanraj and decided to check in on him. He asked, “Are you okay, Vanraj?”

Vanraj’s response was far from optimistic, “No, I’m not. Life has been hitting me with blows left and right. ”

Anuj, trying to lighten the mood, offered, “I have an idea to lift your spirits.”

Vanraj, with a hint of humor, replied, “Life has given me so much material, I might just start writing poetry soon.”

He then expressed his gratitude, “And thank you for putting up with Pakhi’s tantrums.”

Anuj reassured him with a smile, “They’re your children, my friend. In six or seven months, they’ll be just like you.”

Vanraj reflected on his life with a touch of wisdom, “Life has taught me to find humor even in my own misfortunes.”


Anupama Written Update Today's Episode 7th September : Anupama's Rakhi Showdown and Kavya's Pregnancy Predicament: A Gripping Episode Unfolds !


“Anupama’s Candid Advice to Kavya: Rakhi Moments and Pakhi’s Inner Struggle”


Anupama approached Kavya with a sense of understanding, acknowledging that she had seen Kavya’s message and predicted that Mr. Shah might change his mind. However, Anupama was quick to point out that it was Mr. Shah’s habit to change his decisions repeatedly. Kavya expressed her weariness of holding onto hope, to which Anupama responded with a dose of reality. She advised Kavya not to hope too much because the choices Kavya had made were fundamentally wrong, irrespective of whether they were made by a man or a woman. Anupama emphasized that if the Shah family forgave Kavya, it would be an act of great kindness, but if they didn’t, Kavya needed to accept that. Anupama reminded Kavya that there were many women who had to go through pregnancy alone. Anupama offered her prayers but cautioned against holding onto hope.

Meanwhile, Choti Anu received heartfelt gifts from her brothers after tying rakhi to them. Loving words were exchanged, but Dimpy seemed upset about something. Baa requested Kinjal to bring sweets, while Pakhi, in the background, listened to voice notes from her brother, which left her visibly distressed. Adhik, sensing her turmoil, urged Pakhi to leave and join her family if she loved them. Pakhi hesitated but Adhik implored her not to make a big sacrifice for him, emphasizing that she shouldn’t leave her family for the sake of their love. He explained that their family’s mistreatment of him was a consequence of his own actions. Adhik encouraged Pakhi to let go of her stubbornness and insisted she should go and tie rakhis to her Bua. Pakhi, eventually, expressed her love for Adhik and they shared a heartfelt hug. Adhik reciprocated her love and concealed a smirk as he mentioned that he was going to meet a friend from the United States. Pakhi promptly sent a message to Samar, confirming that she was on her way. Anupama hoped that some divine intervention would help Pakhi understand the complexities of her situation.


As Pakhi goes missing, anxiety and tension rise, and a painful search begins.

Samar shared the news with the family that Pakhi was on her way. Meanwhile, Romil had Barkha on his mind, and Adhik found himself accused of theft.

Pakhi was leaving her house when she received an urgent phone call, making her promise, “I’m on my way.” As time passed, Samar expressed concern, saying an hour had gone by, and Pakhi was still absent. Toshu shared his worries, and Anupama urged him to call her again. But when Toshu attempted, he found her phone unreachable. Anuj proposed they return home and investigate. Vanraj suggested they call once they reached home, while simultaneously questioning Adhik about Pakhi’s whereabouts.

Adhik replied, “I was with a friend,” to which Barkha interjected, confirming Pakhi had stated she was leaving for the Shah house. Adhik requested Anupama to check the CCTV footage and added, “I left home before Pakhi.”

Romil recalled, “You both left together,” and hinted at a possible altercation between the two. Adhik defended himself, stating, “Nothing happened. I simply asked Pakhi to go and tie rakhi to her brothers. He’s trying to frame me.”

Anupama implored Adhik to share any information he had about Pakhi, and he swore, “I honestly don’t know.” She was distraught and told Anuj, “I want my daughter.” Anuj tried to reassure her, proposing they search for Pakhi. Anupama suggested contacting the police, prompting concern from Barkha and Adhik. Anuj advised patience, explaining that the police wouldn’t act hastily. Anupama clung to hope, praying that Pakhi was safe.


“Vanraj and Kavya’s Struggle with the Weight of Their Actions”

Baa deeply missed Pakhi, reminiscing about her absence. Samar chimed in, mentioning that Rakhi had always been Pakhi’s favorite festival. Dimpy playfully interjected, noting that Pakhi’s preference leaned toward Karwachauth. Toshu, growing impatient, urged Samar to ask Dimpy to refrain from commenting. Dimpy continued, mentioning that her husband had bought a gift for Pakhi, expressing a wish that they had allowed Adhik to come.

Vanraj, visibly upset, questioned Dimpy’s support for someone involved in domestic violence. Dimpy countered by reminding Vanraj of his own history of emotional turmoil with their mother. Vanraj acknowledged his past actions but stated that he had apologized countless times. He made it clear that he had no desire to see Adhik’s face and wondered if Adhik had ever apologized to them. Babu ji intervened, urging them not to dwell on such upsetting topics.

Toshu pledged to reprimand Pakhi, and Samar explained that they had requested her to come, but she had refused. Kinjal weighed in, advising them to visit her in the morning, acknowledging the challenges that young women often faced between their maternal and marital homes. Toshu and Samar agreed to follow her advice and left for the night.

Back at home, Anupama anxiously awaited Pakhi’s return. Anuj was on the phone, actively trying to locate Pakhi, and reassured Anupama that they were making every effort to find her. Adhik, his concern evident, confessed to Anupama that he was worried Pakhi might harm herself. Anupama pressed him further, questioning if he had raised a hand against her. Adhik vehemently denied it, urging Anupama to trust his love for Pakhi.

Meanwhile, Vanraj approached Kavya, offering her the option to study in their room. Kavya expressed her gratitude and confided that she needed some time alone, away from prying eyes and judgment. She lamented the fact that the house and family, once hers, no longer felt that way. Kavya expressed her perception that everyone held grievances against her.

Vanraj’s world was further shaken when he received a message from Anuj.



Preview: Anupama Demands Answers: Where Is Pakhi ? 

In a gripping prelude, Anupama confronts Adhik, seeking to uncover Pakhi’s whereabouts. The tension escalates as Adhik, in front of the Shah family, makes a startling accusation, alleging that Anupama compelled Pakhi to leave their home. Anupama, undeterred, responds, “Should I have remained silent?” In response, Adhik advises her to respect her boundaries and admits that he worries Pakhi would respond in an extreme manner.  Anupama, with unwavering determination, assures him, “No, she won’t.”

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