Day 8 box office results for Dream Girl 2: Ayushmann Khurrana scores his greatest blockbuster in four years, bringing in Rs. 72 crore

Day 8 box office results for Dream Girl 2: Ayushmann Khurrana scores his greatest blockbuster in four years, bringing in Rs. 72 crore  .


Ayushmann Khurrana Strikes Gold Again with Dream Girl 2


In the fiercely competitive landscape of the Hindi film industry, Ayushmann Khurrana, a name synonymous with versatility and talent, faced a formidable challenge after the success of 2019’s “Bala.” It seemed like a dry spell had descended upon him, but Khurrana, the true artist that he is, has now made a triumphant return. His latest cinematic offering, “Dream Girl 2,” has not only broken through the shackles but has also set the cash registers ringing, raking in a staggering Rs 71.70 crore within just eight days of its theatrical release. This remarkable feat has been meticulously tracked and confirmed by the esteemed industry tracker, Sacnilk.


Dream Girl 2 a box office success.

In its inaugural week, “Dream Girl 2” garnered a substantial Rs 67 crore, showcasing its immense potential and Khurrana’s magnetic appeal. The movie’s success story continued, as it added another Rs 4.70 crore to its impressive earnings on the eighth day of its run. This remarkable achievement becomes even more noteworthy when considering the competitive environment in which “Dream Girl 2” was released.


Day 8 box office results for Dream Girl 2: Ayushmann Khurrana scores his greatest blockbuster in four years, bringing in Rs. 72 crore 


Facing Off Against Titans

“Dream Girl 2” entered the theatrical arena at a time when “Gadar 2” was reigning supreme at the box office, and “OMG 2” was also making waves. Despite the formidable competition, Khurrana’s film stood its ground and proved its mettle. The audience’s response and the box office numbers are a testament to its remarkable success.


A Glimpse Into the Future

However, the challenges are far from over for “Dream Girl 2.” The upcoming week promises a showdown, as it goes head-to-head with Shah Rukh Khan’s much-anticipated “Jawan.” This clash of titans has the potential to impact the movie’s collections significantly, adding an intriguing element of suspense to the unfolding box office drama.


Ayushmann Khurrana’s Remarkable Comeback: From Flops to Dream Girl 2 Success

Before the resounding success of “Dream Girl 2,” Ayushmann Khurrana found himself in a precarious position with a series of film flops. His recent projects, including “An Action Hero,” “Doctor G,” “Anek,” and “Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui,” struggled to draw audiences to the theaters, leaving a trail of disappointment in their wake. According to Bollywood Hungama, here’s a breakdown of their performances:

  • “An Action Hero” managed to accrue a mere Rs 10.89 crore.
  • “Doctor G” fared slightly better, accumulating Rs 26.45 crore.
  • “Anek” fell short, bringing in just Rs 8.15 crore.
  • “Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui” had a relatively better run, with a lifetime collection of Rs 28.26 crore.

Even before the pandemic struck, Ayushmann’s film “Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan” struggled to make a significant impact at the box office, ending its run with earnings of only Rs 60.78 crore. This string of underperforming films was a stark contrast to Ayushmann’s earlier successes.


The Turning Point: “Dream Girl 2”

However, the narrative changed dramatically with the release of “Dream Girl 2.” The movie not only marked a turning point in Ayushmann’s career but also shattered previous records. In just its first week, “Dream Girl 2” crossed the Rs 60.78 crore mark, a feat that had eluded Ayushmann since “Bala” in 2019.


“Bala”: Ayushmann’s Last Hit Before “Dream Girl 2”

It’s important to note that Ayushmann’s last hit before the recent “Dream Girl 2” triumph was “Bala,” which enjoyed an impressive run at the box office, amassing a total of Rs 116.81 crore. This film, released in 2019, showcased Ayushmann’s ability to connect with the audience and deliver memorable performances.


Dream Girl 2: A Worthy Addition to the Dream Girl Franchise

The most recent entry in the hugely popular Dream Girl series, “Dream Girl 2,” was a turning point in Ayushmann Khurrana’s career . The original “Dream Girl” film, released in 2019, remains the biggest hit of Khurrana’s career, grossing an impressive Rs 142.26 crore at the box office. It set a high bar for both the actor and the franchise itself.

A Formidable Legacy
The Dream Girl franchise’s legacy is undeniable, having established itself as a beloved and iconic part of Indian cinema. The original film not only showcased Ayushmann’s incredible acting prowess but also captivated audiences with its unique and engaging storyline.

The Challenge Ahead
While “Dream Girl 2” has undoubtedly generated significant buzz and success in its own right, surpassing the monumental achievements of its predecessor poses a formidable challenge. The impending release of Shah Rukh Khan’s “Jawan” is expected to impact the movie’s collections in the coming weeks. This anticipated dip in earnings after “Jawan’s” release makes it unlikely for “Dream Girl 2” to break the record set by the first installment of the franchise.

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