Dream Girl 2 Strikes Gold at the Box Office: Crossing the ₹90 Crore Milestone Day 10

Dream Girl 2 Strikes Gold at the Box Office: Crossing the ₹90 Crore Milestone Day 10 weboomania.com


Hey there, movie buffs! It’s September 4, 2023, and guess what? Dream Girl 2 is on a roll, raking in over ₹90 crore at the box office. Yep, you heard that right! This spiritual sequel to the 2019 hit, Dream Girl, is making waves, and here’s the lowdown on its impressive journey so far.


Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday Shine Bright

In this much-awaited flick, Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday take the lead roles, and boy, do they deliver! Directed by the talented Raaj Shaandilyaa and produced by the ever-creative Ekta Kapoor, Dream Girl 2 brings a fresh dose of entertainment to the big screen.


Dream Girl 2 : Laughter Galore

Critics and audiences alike are singing praises for this film. The secret sauce? A winning combination of stellar performances, laugh-out-loud humor, and a heartwarming story that tugs at your heartstrings. It’s no surprise that Dream Girl 2 is getting a standing ovation in the theaters.


Dream Girl 2 Strikes Gold at the Box Office: Crossing the ₹90 Crore Milestone Day 10


Box Office Bonanza

Let’s talk numbers, shall we? Here’s a day-wise breakdown of the box office collections for Dream Girl 2:

Day 1: ₹10.69 crore
Day 2 : ₹14.02 crore
Day 3 : ₹16 crore
Day 4 : ₹5.42 crore
Day 5 : ₹5.87 crore
Day 6 : ₹7.50 crore
Day 7 : ₹7.50 crore
Day 8 : ₹4.70 crore
Day 9 : ₹6.36 crore
Day 10 (Estimated) : ₹7-8 crore

With these impressive numbers, it’s crystal clear that Dream Girl 2 is on the path to greatness. But the journey doesn’t stop here.


The Century Club Beckons

Hold onto your seats, folks, because Dream Girl 2 is eyeing the coveted ₹100 crore milestone, and it’s just around the corner. This film is not just a hit; it’s a box office sensation.

So, if you haven’t hopped on the Dream Girl 2 bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn, get your tickets, and prepare for a cinematic experience that’s bound to leave you laughing, crying, and cheering for more. Ayushmann Khurrana, Ananya Panday, and the entire Dream Girl 2 team have crafted a masterpiece that’s stealing hearts and shattering records. Don’t miss out !


Dream Girl 2: A Stellar Second Weekend at the Box Office

Dream Girl 2 continues to shine as its collections gained momentum on Sunday, making for a fantastic second weekend at the box office. The numbers speak for themselves as a whopping 8.10 crores poured in, showing that the audience’s love for this film is unwavering.

Neck to Neck Competition

Throughout its run, Dream Girl 2 has faced stiff competition, particularly from Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2. It’s been a nail-biting competition, with both films vying for the audience’s attention. However, over the weekend, Gadar 2 took the lead, thanks to its high-octane masala entertainment. Yet, Dream Girl 2 has proven its mettle by holding its ground and performing exceptionally well.


Raaj Shaandilyaa’s Directorial Triumph

Raaj Shaandilyaa’s direction has been instrumental in Dream Girl 2’s success. The film has catapulted into the 80s in record time, with its current score standing at an impressive 86.16 crores. That’s an average of over 8.50 crores per day since its release just ten days ago—a remarkable feat by any standard.

Dream Girl 2 has proven to be a crowd-pleaser, captivating audiences with its charm and wit. As it continues its triumphant journey at the box office, it’s safe to say that this film is a true winner. Stay tuned for more updates as Dream Girl 2 continues to dazzle moviegoers across the nation.


Ekta Kapoor’s Dream Girl 2 Triumphs: Crossing Milestones

For producer Ekta Kapoor, the success of Dream Girl 2 is undoubtedly cause for celebration. The film has achieved a remarkable feat by surpassing the entire lifetime earnings of her last big hit, Veere Di Wedding, which had a lifetime score of 83 crores. It’s safe to say that Ekta Kapoor’s production banner is on a winning streak.


Eyeing the Next Milestone

With Dream Girl 2’s phenomenal performance, the next targets are set. Ek Villain, with a hefty 106 crores in its kitty, is the next milestone in sight. As Dream Girl 2 continues its fantastic run at the box office, it’s not far-fetched to imagine it crossing the Ek Villain benchmark. The film has proven its mettle, and with the audience’s unwavering support, reaching and surpassing such milestones seems well within its grasp.

It’s worth noting that while these box office numbers are based on estimates and various sources, they serve as a testament to the undeniable success and popularity of Dream Girl 2. As the film continues to captivate audiences and climb the ladder of box office triumph, Ekta Kapoor can undoubtedly revel in the sweet taste of success. Stay tuned for more updates as Dream Girl 2’s journey unfolds, promising more milestones and records along the way.

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