Imlie 23 August 2023 Episode Written Update: Imlie’s Strategy Is Accepted By Anu

Imlie 23 August 2023 Episode Written Update: Imlie’s Strategy Is Accepted By Anu

Anu sees senior Mr. Ken and asks where he was. He says he was ending a deal with the USA. Anu mentions that young Ken said he’s resting. Ken agrees, saying he was. She asks why he looks nervous. He replies that when someone beautiful is in front of you, it’s normal to be nervous. Anu gets shy. Ken leaves, saying he needs to talk to Japan on the phone. He goes back to his family and tells them that Anu wants to finalize the deal, but Atharva hasn’t come back yet. Devika says her son will come back and they’ll beat the bad things. Imlie adds that moms’ trust is strong. They all talk seriously and go to the living room. Anu brings some tough people and ties up Ranas and locks Imlie in a room. Then they put oil around Ranas while Imlie begs to let he


Imlie 23 August 2023 Episode Written Update: Imlie's Strategy Is Accepted By Anu

Atharva/Ken come back. Anu complains that they have time for everyone but her. Ken asks about her staff. Anu tells him she punished them and wants him to sign the deal and give her money. Ken’s phone rings – it’s Imlie calling from the landline. Keya questions why Imlie is calling him. Ken admits his feelings for Imlie. Keya is aware. Ken expresses his desire to meet Imlie. Anu, suggesting Ken is a seasoned businessman, takes him to a servant’s room and reveals that while her other servants are being punished, Imlie is safe. She urges him to sign the document now.

Meanwhile, Imlie pretends to experience labor pain, anticipating that Anu will uncover the counterfeit money. Ken rushes to her aid, slips, and collapses unconscious. Akash examines Ken and announces his demise. Anu angrily chastises Imlie for not remaining silent.

Keya frightens Anu by suggesting she could end up in jail because Ken died at her house. Anu decides to get rid of the Ranas and buries Atharva within the house with the help of Akash and Keya. She ensures no one will find Mr. Ken. Keya raises concerns about the police’s ability to discover the truth. In response, Anu shoves her down, questioning whether Keya will work or merely stand by. Devika becomes anxious for Atharva. Imlie comforts them, assuring that Atharva is safe under the blessings of god and mother.

Anu and Akash carry a wrapped body on a mattress and drive away in a car. Devika weeps. Imlie points out that the body was smaller and wearing Keya’s sandals, realizing it’s not Atharva but Keya. Devika laments Anu’s actions, believing she has killed Keya too. Imlie reassures her that Keya is alive, having seen her peeking out from the van.

Preview: The Ranas begin their quest for Atharva. Devimaa’s veil accidentally drops to the ground. Imlie instructs the Ranas to dig the earth, leading to the discovery of Atharva.


Conclusion: The episode starts with Anu noticing Mr. Ken, who is actually Imlie in disguise. She asks him where he was, and he says he was canceling his deal with the USA. Anu says that junior Ken told her he was resting. Ken says he was earlier, but he is feeling better now. He walks away, saying he has a call with Japan.

Ken returns to the Rana family and tells them that Anu is eager to sign the deal, but Atharva hasn’t returned yet. Devika says that her son will return for sure, and Imlie says that a mother’s trust never goes wrong.

Imlie thinks that Anu will find out the money is fake, so she acts like she is having labor pains. Ken runs in her direction, trips, and collapses unconscious. Akash checks Ken and says that he is dead. Anu shouts at Imlie, asking her why she couldn’t be silent.

Keya frightens Anu, saying that she will go to jail as Ken died in her house. Anu sends the Ranas out of the house and buries Atharva inside the house with Akash and Keya’s help. She says that nobody will know where Mr. Ken is. Keya says that the police will easily find out, but Anu pushes her down, saying that she will handle everything.

Devika worries for Atharva and prays for his safety. Imlie is also worried, but she knows that she has to stay calm and figure out a way to save Atharva.

Later, Anu calls the police and reports that Mr. Ken died of a heart attack in her house. The police arrive and start investigating the matter. They question Anu and the Ranas, but they are unable to find any evidence to suggest that foul play was involved.

The police eventually leave, and Anu is relieved. She thinks that she has gotten away with murder, but Imlie is not giving up. She knows that she has to find a way to prove Anu’s guilt and bring her to justice.

Here are some of the episode’s main points

Imlie disguises herself as Mr. Ken in order to trick Anu.

Ken dies after slipping and falling down.

Anu buries Atharva inside the house and tells the police that he died of a heart attack.

Imlie vows to avenge Atharva’s death.







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