Imlie Written Update 22 August Episode : Anu’s Curiosity Exposes Imlie’s Hidden Truths

Imlie Written Update 22 August Episode : Anu’s Curiosity Exposes Imlie’s Hidden Truths On

In this article, we’ll delve into a situation where Anu questions Imlie about her absence from work and the reasons behind it. The scenario involves Imlie, her boss Bharti, and various misunderstandings that arise during their conversation.


Anu’s Inquiry

Anu, curious about Imlie’s absence, decides to approach her and find out the truth. She asks Imlie about her identity and the reason she wants to meet her.


Imiles Explanation

Imlie rushes to meet Anu and introduces her as Bharti, her boss from the call center. Bharti has come to enquire why Imlie has been missing from work for a few days.


 Bharti’s Concerns

Imlie takes Bharti aside to address her concerns. Bharti expresses her suspicion, stating that Imlie claimed to have a family emergency but seems to be enjoying a party instead.



Imlie clarifies the misunderstanding, explaining that her family is actually working at the party. She attempts to bridge the gap between the reality and Bharti’s perception.


Financial Urgency

Bharti reveals another layer of the issue. She urgently needs her money back due to a personal emergency. This adds complexity to the situation as financial matters come into play.


 Atharva/Ken’s Intervention

Atharva or Ken (names vary in different versions), a character in the story, intervenes by pulling Imlie aside. He questions her about the reason behind Bharti’s visit.


 Imlie’s Response

Imlie informs Atharva/Ken that Bharti is seeking repayment of the borrowed money. This revelation adds tension to the scenario.


Concealing from Anu

Noticing Anu’s presence nearby, Imlie and Atharva/Ken decide to hide. They are aware that Anu might complicate matters further.


Anu’s Distraction

Anu’s attention is diverted when Ken’s assistant approaches her. He inquires about a special dish that senior Ken prefers, and Anu accompanies him to attend to the request.


Imlie’s Dilemma

With Anu momentarily distracted, Imlie seizes the opportunity to retrieve the money she owes to Bharti. However, an unexpected twist awaits.


Imlie Written Update 22 August Episode : Anu's Curiosity Exposes Imlie's Hidden Truths


Unforeseen Discovery

As Imlie searches for the money, she stumbles upon Kairi’s belongings instead. This unexpected turn of events introduces a new mystery or challenge for Imlie.


When she realises that Kairi’s bag has been exchanged with the money bag, things take an unexpected turn. has been switched with Kairi’s bag. Keya reviews the CCTV footage and observes both senior and junior Ken interacting with the Rana family. As Ken walks by, he notices her watching the footage and becomes worried that she might witness an embarrassing incident, such as Rudra’s beard coming off. In response, he pretends to fall, calling for help. Keya rushes to his side and questions how he fell. He inquires if she saw his fall, and she replies that she didn’t witness it. With a nonchalant attitude, he moves on. Regrettably, Keya misses witnessing Rudra’s beard mishap. However, she suspects that the Rana family may be attempting to gain the Kens’ favor. To address this, she decides to inform Anu.

Atharva hurries to Imlie and informs her that Keya captured a video of their father’s beard incident on a small device and intends to show it to Anu. Imlie alerts him that Kairi has taken the money bag for a picnic. As a result, Atharva is tasked with retrieving the bag while Imlie attempts to discreetly acquire the device from Keya.

Meanwhile, Bharti, Imlie’s supervisor, patiently waits. Akash approaches her and inquires if she requires any assistance. Bharti discloses that she is seeking the money owed by Imlie. Suddenly, Ken appears and suggests that Bharti is present to dine with him. He instructs Akash to leave, warning of potential consequences if he doesn’t comply. Acknowledging Ken’s authority, Akash departs. Ken then informs Bharti that Imlie has already repaid him. However, Bharti insists on recovering her money. Ken assures her that he will facilitate the return and guides her away.”


Captivating Moments Unfold: Imlie’s Ingenious Swap and Atharva’s Determination

Intrigue and suspense intertwine as Imlie takes center stage in Anu’s room. The room that was meant to be cleaned now witnesses an unexpected turn of events as Imlie, instead of tidying up, cunningly steals a pendrive. This clandestine act sets the stage for a series of captivating moments that ensue, filled with magic, twists, and the unwavering determination of Atharva.


Imlie’s Stealthy Exchange

In a brilliant display of wit, Imlie manages to exchange the pendrives. As Keya, another character in this tale, enters the scene, she unveils her plans to showcase a magical experience on the screen to Anu aunty. The pendrive, believed to hold magical secrets, is inserted, only to reveal a movie. Anu’s disapproval rings loud, scolding Keya for her well-intentioned yet misguided endeavor.


Kairi’s Unexpected Discovery

As the plot thickens, Kairi, a key player, stumbles upon an unexpected treasure. Opening her bag, she is greeted by the sight of money. Unbeknownst to her, her actions have caught the attention of a watchful peon. His thoughts wander towards a life-altering change, should he lay his hands on that money. Determined to seize the opportunity, he persists, urging Kairi to surrender her bag to him. However, met with Kairi’s steadfast refusal, the situation takes an intriguing turn.


Atharva’s Transformation and Resolve

Meanwhile, in a parallel narrative, Atharva’s journey unfolds. Accompanied by Bharti, he arrives at a camp, shedding his disguise along the way. Addressing Bharti, he confides that Imlie must have shared their family’s struggles. He emphasizes his commitment to salvaging his family’s well-being. With resolute steps, Atharva ventures in, setting the stage for a pivotal scene.

As the story dances on, unexpected twists come into play. Goons, crucial elements of this tale, discover their friend in place of Atharva, revealing that he managed to escape their clutches. This revelation sends shockwaves, altering the course of events. Anu’s anger simmers as the unexpected unfolds before her eyes.


Atharva’s Steadfast Effort

Undeterred by the challenges, Atharva’s determination takes the spotlight. Reaching out to Kairi, he inquires about her bag. A concerned Kairi points out the peon, who is absconding with her bag and its valuable contents. Atharva springs into action, intervening and successfully reclaiming the bag along with Bharti’s precious money. In this moment, his resolve shines bright, unwavering in the face of adversity.


A Heartwarming Exchange

In a heartwarming exchange between Atharva and Kairi, tension gives way to tenderness. Atharva’s once-tense demeanor melts away as he reassures Kairi. He playfully remarks that no game is truly lost when he has an adorable daughter by his side. This endearing moment captures the essence of family bonds and the strength they provide in testing times.

Upcoming Episode

A Shocking Turn: Anu’s Hostage Situation Takes an Unexpected Twist

In the lead-up to the main events, Anu takes the Rana family hostage, revealing her sinister plan. She believes that Arto will be too occupied trying to save them, giving her the opportunity to sell the house to Ken and amass a fortune.

Amidst this tense situation, Imlie spots the events unfolding from a window. In a clever move, she pretends to experience labor pains. Ken, prompted by Imlie’s act, rushes to assist her. However, his attempt takes a tragic turn as he slips and falls, losing consciousness.

Akash, a witness to the accident, informs the others that Ken isn’t breathing and appears to be lifeless. The unexpected twist leaves everyone in shock and uncertainty.


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