Imlie Written Update 24th August Episode : Imlie’s Thrilling Episode: Anu’s Scheming Exposed

Imlie Written Update 24th August Episode : Imlie’s Thrilling Episode: Anu’s Scheming Exposed on


Questioning Keya’s Fate

So, Devika’s curiosity gets the best of her and she asks Imlie about Anu’s role in Keya’s supposed death. But hold on, Imlie’s response throws a curveball – it turns out Keya is actually alive and her situation is all part of Anu’s master plan.


Digging into Atharva’s Whereabouts

Not stopping there, Devika digs deeper and wants to know where Atharva is in all this. While they’re chatting, Anu takes a drive, leaving us wondering what her deal is.


Anu’s Smart Move Wins Praise

In the shadows, Keya and Akash are all praises for Anu. They’re pretty impressed with how Anu’s scheme has played out, thinking the Ranas won’t even think to look for Atharva within their own home.


Anu’s Sneaky Strategy

Anu spills the beans on her sly strategy. She spills the tea on a fabricated story involving a “junior Ken” and a “senior Ken.” She’s counting on the big reveal by the senior Ken to make way for her to nab the house and escape without a trace.

Imlie Written Update 24th August Episode : Imlie's Thrilling Episode: Anu's Scheming Exposed 


In Search of Atharva

As the Ranas are hot on the trail for Atharva, Imlie turns to the heavens, praying for Seeta Maiya’s help. It’s almost like her prayers are answered as Seeta Maiya’s veil takes a graceful dive.


Decoding Divine Hints

Imlie takes this as a sign and gets the family to start digging. Manish and Rudra roll up their sleeves and start digging, and what do you know – they find Atharva safe and sound, just in the nick of time.


Atharva’s Breath of Relief

With a sigh of relief, Atharva’s out in the open and breathing easy. Imlie, on the other hand, feels bad for not getting there sooner and apologizes.


A Bond Like No Other

In this vulnerable moment, Atharva spills the beans on how much he depends on Imlie. He makes it clear that he can’t take a single step without her by his side.


An Inseparable Connection

The question lingers: How could he venture far without her? Their embrace is charged with emotion, a testament to their unbreakable bond. This heartwarming sight leaves the Ranas moved by their love.


Urgency in the Air

Amidst this emotional embrace, Atharva reminds everyone that Anu could return at any moment, urging them to hasten their actions.


Anu’s Return with a Twist

The scene shifts as Anu reenters, accompanied by Akash and Keya. Keya confides in Akash about the fear of dark circles if she doesn’t sleep. Anu, observing the situation, concludes that the younger Ken is unconcerned about sleep – he’s focused on selling the house before news of his son’s demise reaches him.


Senior Ken’s Quest

As senior Ken searches for his son, Anu casually suggests that he might be at the club or preoccupied elsewhere. Anu seizes the opportunity to prompt senior Ken to finalize a deal, given his son’s absence. However, senior Ken points out that he can’t sign the deal without his son’s power of attorney and continues his search.


Anu’s Calculated Thoughts

Inwardly, Anu acknowledges that the deal is now in jeopardy due to this development. She resigns herself to the reality that she might have to inhabit the house alongside a concealed body, as the deal’s prospects dim.


Eerie Illumination

As the night descends, lights flicker ominously. Anu’s voice commands the servants to investigate the unsettling phenomenon. Amid the uncertainty, her gaze falls upon a ghostly apparition resembling Ken. Fear grips her heart, propelling her into a frantic dash.


Unexpected Encounter

In the midst of her flight, Atharva emerges, unintentionally colliding with her. He explains his fleeting presence, revealing his intentions of reuniting with his family, if only for a brief span. Anu responds, extending an offer for him to remain indefinitely and implores him to protect her from Ken’s spectral manifestation.


Sinister Play Unveiled

Unexpectedly, Rudra assumes the role of Ken’s ghost, embodying the sinister presence Anu fears. The Ranas, observing the unfolding drama, pray for Anu’s inability to recognize Rudra’s guise.


Converging to Confrontation

Uniting around Anu, they collectively assert the absence of any apparition. Atharva offers an explanation for her perception, attributing it to her guilty conscience. However, Ken’s spectral figure moves closer, unsettling Anu’s composure. In desperation, she flees once more, colliding with the very corporeal form of Ken’s lifeless body.


A Chilling Threat

Ken’s voice pierces the air, vowing to summon the authorities and accuse her of his murder. Anu’s panic intensifies, encapsulating her in a relentless grip.


Unwavering Support

Keya and Akash approach Anu, lending their presence to the unfolding drama. She confesses the threat posed by Ken’s ghost, yet met with skepticism from her companions. Their refusal to accept her claims deepens her agitation.


Unearthly Quest

Determined to validate her claims, Anu urges Akash to unearth the truth by digging into the ground. With bated breath, he complies, but the outcome leaves them astounded – Ken’s lifeless form remains absent.


A Desperate Cry

Frustration transforms into a desperate outcry as Anu’s voice reverberates, reiterating the looming threat posed by Ken’s spectral specter.


Desperate Measures

In a drastic move, Imlie dials the police, urging the inspector to apprehend Anu on charges of junior Ken’s murder. Amid the tension, Akash and Keya vehemently disassociate themselves from Anu’s nefarious scheme.


Senior Ken’s Inquiry

Amidst the chaos, senior Ken queries Anu about his beloved “sheikhu,” questioning whether she orchestrated his demise and concealed his lifeless form within her abode.


Anu’s Startling Confession

Anu’s voice rises, vehemently asserting that the house is not hers, but rather a prize acquired through cunning from the unsuspecting Ranas. She insinuates a web of deceit spun to wrest their property from them.


Revelations Unveiled

However, a sudden twist in the tale unfolds as junior Ken himself enters the scene, casting aside the cloak of anonymity. Anu’s voice sharpens as she directs her ire toward him. Just as the revelation settles in, senior Ken, too, discloses his true identity.


Quest for Justice

With the truth laid bare, Imlie’s voice resonates, urging the inspector to take Anu into custody.


Upcoming Episode: As tensions escalate, Anu’s frustration boils over, blaming the Ranas for a perceived game against her. Imlie counters by accusing Anu of her own dirty tactics, highlighting the Ranas’ triumphant reclamation of their home. However, the situation takes a sudden and shocking turn as Anu seizes the inspector’s gun, firing it at Imlie, plunging the scene into chaos and uncertainty.

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