Imlie Written Update 25th August Episode :Anu’s Revenge Threatens Rana Family’s Existence !

Imlie Written Update 25th August Episode : Anu’s Revenge Threatens Rana Family’s Existence !


In a revelation both senior and junior, Mr. Ken disclose their veritable identities. Anu vociferates as the Ranas engage her in a strategic contest. Imlie avers that a treacherous stratagem was employed against them, while emphasizing that Seeta maiya possesses astute maneuvering, leading to the reclamation of their abode. Furthermore, Anu’s impending incarceration is forecasted. The law enforcement official apprehends Anu. In a vehement outcry, Anu avows her determination to not yield to a mere progeny of a domestic aide. With audacious audacity, she wrests the firearm from the inspector’s grasp, wielding it against her own person.


Imploring entreaties from the Ranas to desist resonate. Despite, Anu maintains her stance, articulating her preference for self-inflicted demise over capitulation at the hands of a subordinate. Tragically, she does execute this dire decision, plunging all into shock. Observing this calamity, Imlie experiences the pangs of childbirth. Urgent haste befalls Atharva, who expeditiously conveys her to a medical facility. The officer promptly summons medical assistance for the transfer of Anu to a healthcare institution. Rudra, extending a charitable gesture, proposes the conveyance of Anu to the infirmary utilizing his vehicular transport.


Imlie Written Update 25th August Episode : Anu's Revenge Threatens Rana Family's Existence !


At the Hospital – Atharva and Imlie Await

In the hospital corridor, Atharva’s anxiety mounts as he witnesses Imlie’s evident pain during labor. Doctor’s Diagnosis reassures that the birthing process could be prolonged, advising Atharva to wait outside. Atharva’s Unyielding Support showcases his determination as he clings to Imlie’s hand, refusing to leave her side.


Exhaustion Takes Its Toll – Atharva Collapses

As time passes, the weight of the situation takes its toll on Atharva. He collapses due to exhaustion, displaying the emotional and physical strain he’s endured.


Anu’s Condition – Inspector Informed

Doctor’s Assessment meticulously examines Anu, discovering that the bullet had grazed her ear before exiting. The Inspector’s Update relays this information, highlighting that Anu is expected to recover in 2-3 days. A constable is assigned to Guarding Anu ensuring her safety during her hospital stay.


Attending to Atharva – Doctor’s Care

The Doctor’s Gentle Touch offers solace to Atharva, who is revived with a careful sprinkling of water. The doctor acknowledges his anxiety, a sentiment shared by many expectant fathers, urging the family to remain composed.


A Private Moment – Atharva and Imlie Connect

The scene shifts to a private space as the Family’s Departure leaves Atharva and Imlie alone. Emotional Exchange captures their heartfelt conversation as they open up about the recent challenges they’ve faced.


A Promise of Support – Atharva’s Pledge

In a touching moment, Atharva’s Assurance  conveys his commitment to stand by Imlie’s side, promising to handle whatever comes their way. Imlie’s Doubt surfaces as she questions if Atharva will falter again. Atharva’s Resolute Answer assures her that he won’t.


Kairi’s Concern – A Heartfelt Interaction

Amidst the hospital environment, Kairi’s Gentle Inquiry addresses Imlie’s well-being, inquiring if she is in pain. Imlie’s Stoic Response dismisses any discomfort. Kairi’s Innocent Gesture reveals her tender age of five, as she presents Imlie with an idol of Seeta mamma. With care, she positions the idol and offers a fervent prayer for the protection of Imlie and her upcoming sibling.


Anu’s Awakening – Sinister Machinations Unveiled

In a separate setting, Anu’s Awakening marks her regaining consciousness. Memories of her actions flood back as she recollects that she deliberately aimed to graze her ear to evade apprehension. The Seeds of Manipulation lay bare as Anu acknowledges that her feigned suicide attempt was merely a ruse. Her ultimate motive is far more sinister – to snuff out Imlie’s joy and happiness. She harbors a deep-seated plot, meticulously crafted over the course of months. Imlie, however, foiled her scheme, inadvertently becoming a barrier to Anu’s intentions. Yet, Anu remains resolute in her resolve. With a chilling determination, she vows to enact a plan that won’t spare Imlie, aiming to extinguish her happiness once and for all.


Critical Decision for Imlie’s Well-being

The doctor urgently informs Atharva about Imlie’s perilous state, as her shock is impeding the delivery, posing significant risks to both her and the baby. To avert potential harm, the doctor recommends an immediate C-section procedure. Showing his commitment to Imlie’s health, Atharva readily agrees to the doctor’s proposal. The doctor emphasizes the need for Imlie’s ultrasound reports to proceed, prompting Atharva to leave for home to retrieve them. Meanwhile, Imlie is moved to a labor room under the watchful eyes of the medical team.


Anu’s Vengeful Plans Amid Divine Interpretation

Within the confines of her room, Imlie observes a disturbing grin on Anu’s face. This unsettling sight amplifies the tension in the hospital environment. As Atharva drives towards home, he offers fervent prayers for the protection of Imlie and their unborn child. In a separate development, Shivani and Devika enter Anu’s room, manifesting familial empathy. Anu, however, responds with skepticism, questioning their intentions. In their response, they emphasize their family’s values of goodwill and express hope that divine intervention might instill some conscience in her. Anu, however, twists this into a belief that she’s been granted a second chance by fate to exact vengeance upon the Rana family.


Homecoming Turns to Horror

As Atharva arrives home, a scene of devastation greets him: the house is engulfed in flames. Driven by urgency, he races into the burning building with a singular mission – to retrieve Imlie’s vital reports, his determination overshadowing the perilous circumstances.


Ranas’ Concern and Anu’s Reckless Actions

News of the inferno reaches the Rana family, igniting worry for Atharva’s safety. Keya informs Akash that their support for Anu has backfired, now leading to the potential loss of their own home. They approach Anu, seeking an explanation for her destructive act. In response, Anu remains defiant, dismissing their inquiries and demanding their departure from the scene. Within the chaos of the blaze, Atharva finds himself trapped and endangered by the encroaching flames.


Upcoming Episode 


In a gripping prelude, Imlie’s world shatters as she realizes her baby is nowhere to be found. The inspector’s revelation intensifies the heartache, unveiling a disturbing truth – a widespread operation involving multiple missing babies. Driven by an unyielding resolve, Imlie vows to embark on a relentless quest to reclaim her child, regardless of the challenges that lie ahead.

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