Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today’s Episode 13th September Written Update : The Laddoo Challenge

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today’s Episode 13th September Written Update : The Laddoo Challenge


“The Laddoo Challenge”

The episode commenced with Akshu expressing her belief that everything happens for a reason, interpreting it as a sign from Bappa. Abhi, intrigued, inquired about the nature of the sign. Akshu revealed that there was a master laddoo maker in their midst. Abhi immediately guessed it was his mother, and Akshu confirmed it. Despite being skilled, his mother had an unusual fear of fire. Akshu saw this as an opportunity to help her overcome her fear, and Abhi agreed, with Manish also approving of the idea.

Together, they all headed to the kitchen, their anticipation building. Once there, they couldn’t resist indulging in the laddoos. Akshu seized the opportunity to quiz them about the ingredients, and they enthusiastically shared their knowledge.

Meanwhile, Muskaan approached Kairav, who promptly moved aside. Mahima, attempting to promote healthier eating habits, offered the kids some fruits, but they declined. Abhi slyly revealed that the fruits contained cashews, instantly sparking their interest.

As they pondered how to prepare the prasad (a religious offering), Manjiri, overhearing their conversation, couldn’t help but feel intrigued. Anand inquired if they would manage on their own or if he should make alternative arrangements. Mahima expressed skepticism about their abilities, and Anand wondered who might assist them. Tension lingered in the air as Manjiri listened intently.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Today's Episode 13th September Written Update : The Laddoo Challenge


“Akshu’s Kitchen Dilemma: Manjiri’s Worry”

Akshu is busy in the kitchen, and Manjiri is concerned. Dadi suggests checking for jaggery. Aarohi mentions that Kairav ate the last laddoo, leading everyone to ask him to leave. Akshu wonders how to handle the situation and what to tell Aunty Ji since they don’t know the ingredients. Abhir and Ruhi request Manjiri’s assistance.

Manjiri enters the kitchen, and Akshu asks her to take charge. Manjiri agrees, and everyone leaves the kitchen with smiles. Akshu asks if she should light the stove, and Abhi offers support. Akshu lights the stove, and Abhi reassures her, saying he’s there to help. Manjiri takes over, and together they work with smiles.

Later, Mahima asks Manjiri if she made the laddoos, and Manjiri nods proudly. Manish praises Manjiri, saying she isn’t afraid of fire. Manjiri thanks Abhi for helping her conquer her fear. Ruhi comments on elders’ emotions and suggests performing the puja. They all participate in the aarti and dance to “Morya.” Kairav plays the dhol, and everyone joins in the dance. Dadi observes Manish and Manjiri closely. Akshu and Abhi notice them and dance with the kids. Dadi hints at something to Manish. Manjiri sees them and thinks about her happy children. She offers a prayer for them.


Unspoken Promises – Akshu and Abhi

Akshu is engrossed in a work call but can’t help reminiscing about Abhi. Meanwhile, Abhi discusses something with a doctor and apologizes before hanging up. They both contemplate how to navigate their feelings.

They eventually decide to make a promise not to hug each other anymore. Akshu mentions that sometimes these things just happen. Abhir interrupts their conversation, asking who they are talking to. Akshu quickly covers up, saying she was talking to the mirror while preparing for a case.


In the preview, Abhi is seen recalling Manjiri, and Akshu reassures him, saying it’s not his fault. They share a comforting hug, understanding each other’s pain.


Stay tuned with us to Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai to find out.

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