Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 16th September Episode : Mahima’s Doubts: Will Goenkas Attend ?

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 16th September Episode : Mahima’s Doubts: Will Goenkas Attend ?


Abhir’s Startling Marriage Revelation Shakes Abhi & Akshu’s World !

The episode begins with Akshu contemplating calling Abhi, but before she can, they receive an unexpected call that leaves them in shock. They head to the hospital in a hurry. Upon their arrival, Abhi inquires about Abhir and his friend. Abhir explains that he couldn’t find his friend, who had a broken hand, so he brought his friend Manish to the hospital and suggested that he get his leg bandaged.

Akshu is taken aback and reproaches Abhir for lying to them. However, Abhi is more concerned about the urgent matter at hand. Abhir shows them a marriage picture and expresses his desire to discuss it. Abhi is curious about where he found the picture, and Abhir reveals that it was in a cupboard. Abhi then questions who told him about this and is surprised when Abhir mentions that he discovered that Abhi used to be very happy before.

Abhir suggests that Abhi should marry the “docman” (apparently referring to a doctor) and insists that it would make him happy. Akshu intervenes, telling Abhir to stop. Abhi, somewhat taken aback, explains that not all friends choose to get married. Abhir continues to press the issue, suggesting that both Abhi and the “docman” should get married for fun and to stay together. Akshu firmly tells Abhir to refrain from discussing this topic any further, emphasizing that Abhi and the “docman” will never get married, concluding the matter.


Mahima’s Doubts: Will Goenkas Attend?

Mahima expresses doubt about the Goenkas and Akshu attending the event, but Manjiri remains optimistic. Ruhi shares her anger towards Suwarna, and Manish and Ruhi engage in some playful banter. Aarohi notices Akshu’s sadness and takes her aside, urging her not to reject the relationship because of her. Akshu is hesitant but avoids discussing the matter further, considering leaving.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 16th September Episode : Mahima's Doubts: Will Goenkas Attend ?


Abhir’s Wish to Ganpati

Abhir, holding a Ganpati idol, expresses his desire not to let Ganpati ji go. Akshu advises him to share his wish with Ganpati after the aarti. The family performs the aarti, and Abhir confides in Ganpati, expressing his wish for Akshu and the “docman” (Abhi) to get married. Abhi is curious about Abhir’s wish but doesn’t press further, taking the idol.

Later, Abhir is seen on the laptop while Manish approaches him. Abhir pretends to be playing a game, but Manish notices that he’s on a hotel booking website. Manish gently questions Abhir about the lie and assures him he can share his feelings. Abhir eventually reveals his plan, and together they decide to buy gifts and write messages for it.


Suwarna’s Interruption

Suwarna interrupts their conversation, and Manish suggests she order the items since he’s entered the credit card details. Meanwhile, Muskaan talks to Neela on the phone, but Kairav disconnects the call, leading to an argument between them about revealing information regarding Akshu and Abhi. Kairav’s actions upset Muskaan, and she storms off.


Morning Reminder: A Day Full of Plans

The day begins with Mahima reminding Abhi of an important meeting. Abhi assures her that he remembers and promises to be punctual. Meanwhile, Ruhi announces that they are running late for her dance class, and there’s another pressing concern – the cupcakes aren’t ready. Manjiri expresses her frustration, and Abhi lightens the mood with a playful remark. Banter ensues, and he jokingly challenges Manjiri’s aspirations.


Unexpected Surprise: A Mystery Sender

A sudden shout from Shefali catches everyone’s attention, and Abhi rushes out to see what’s happening. Shefali reveals that someone has sent gifts for him, leaving Abhi intrigued. Akshu examines the gifts, and Kairav informs Abhi that they are meant for him. The family, including Manish and Abhir, shares smiles. Manish playacts, suggesting it might be a secret admirer, while Akshu disapproves of the accompanying poetry, deeming it “cheap.”


Poetic Pursuit: Unearthing the Secret Admirer

Akshu decides to teach the sender a lesson for his “cheap” poetry. Abhi contemplates discarding the gifts, but Kairav proposes to accompany him. Manish and Abhir lend their support as Akshu gears up for her mission.


Unexpected Encounter: A Visit to the Park

Abhi and Akshu venture to the park for the mysterious meeting. Both express their irritation with the location choice, and Akshu is determined to confront the sender. However, as they cross paths and the gift boxes tumble, Abhi instinctively reaches out to save her. An unexpected twist occurs when police officers arrive, leading to an encounter with the law.


Tense Standoff: Confrontation with the Police

As the police officers confront them, Abhi and Akshu are baffled by the situation. Abhi, in defense of their innocence, questions the constables’ treatment, while Akshu chastises him for always wanting to be a hero. A heated exchange takes place, revealing the underlying tension between them.


Upcoming Dilemma: A Wardrobe Malfunction

In the next episode, Abhi informs Akshu about an impending investors’ meeting. However, he notices her kurta tearing, and despite her initial refusal, he insists she wear his coat. The clock is ticking as they prepare to meet the investors.



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