Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 23 August Episode – : Families Fight To Save Abhir

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 23 August Episode – : Families Fight To Save Abhir

The episode commences with Akshu expressing his yearning for school, yet grappling with the challenge of maintaining focus. Abhi steps in, offering reassurance that time possesses unparalleled healing abilities. Meanwhile, Muskaan observes his arrival coinciding with his newfound freedom. Dadi intervenes, urging Abhir to rise from his evening slumber, highlighting the potential pitfalls of such a routine. She proposes an outing, but Abhir, seeking rest, firmly declines. Despite her offer of warm milk, he remains resolute in his decision to venture outdoors, evading her well-meaning persistence. Dadi is left wondering about the source of his apparent frustration. Ruhi suggests a trip to Disneyland to uplift Abhir’s spirits, but he articulates his longing for familial companionship instead. Inquisitive, Ruhi probes whether Maasa has ascended to stardom akin to Papa. The mention of Maasa and Manjiri evokes a shared sense of sorrow. Abhi corroborates the notion, acknowledging the ongoing connection between them and affirming Maasa’s enduring guidance. Aarohi’s grasp of Manjiri’s hand symbolizes their profound bond. Suwarna voices her uncertainty regarding the timeline for life’s return to normalcy. Muskaan offers no concrete answers, prompting the suggestion to retire for the night, leaving behind the worries of the day.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 23 August Episode - : Families Fight To Save Abhir


As the family notices Abhir watching television, Suwarna questions his choice. Abhir’s response indicates his desire to watch TV due to his mother’s presence in the room. He playfully laments how he is denied sleep while others watch TV. Akshu observes the interaction and signals to them. Suwarna heeds the signal and prevents Muskaan from further engaging. Eventually, they leave the room. Akshu takes the opportunity to advise Abhir against becoming too stubborn in his stance.

It’s a new morning, and Abhir places a photo of Abhinav on the table, addressing it as if Abhinav were present. He mentions that he’s indulging in Abhinav’s favorite treats – tea and cake – in a symbolic act of connection. He proceeds to enjoy the cake.

Manish questions the need for Abhir to go to Kasauli, considering that the case has concluded. Akshu responds that despite Abhinav’s absence, her life is centered there. She aims to make Abhir happy and is willing to work diligently for him. Suwarna adds that Abhinav’s memories linger in Kasauli. Akshu acknowledges the value of memories, supported by explanations from Kairav and others.

As Abhir sips his tea, Dadi suggests that Akshu should also consider Abhi’s perspective. Abhi intervenes, stating that there’s no need to worry about him. Their attention shifts to Abhi, Aarohi, and the children who have gathered by the door. Abhi asserts his stance – he doesn’t intend to replace Abhinav but won’t shy away from his responsibilities. Grateful, Akshu expresses her thanks.

Muskaan departs from the scene. Kairav acknowledges that she needs time, given the magnitude of Abhinav’s loss. Ruhi and Shivansh strategize about their plans to visit Kasauli, setting the stage for new developments.

Akshu decides to go get Abhir, and Abhi comes along. When they find Abhir, they wake him up and ask why he’s sleeping there. Abhir explains that he felt tired and fell asleep. Abhi apologizes for not being there for him during tough times and says he’s there to listen now. Akshu checks if Abhir is okay, and he says he is. She tells him to go play with Ruhi and Shivu. Abhir asks for tea and cake that Abhinav liked, and Akshu agrees to make it.

Later, Akshu realizes that many people, including Kairav and Surekha, gave Abhir tea and cake because he asked. They rush to find Abhir, worried about how much tea and cake he’s had.

They find Abhir, who is talking in his sleep. They wake him up and ask if he’s okay. He complains of a stomach ache. Aarohi and Manish come too. Aarohi asks why he ate so much cake and drank so much tea. Manish offers to put up the picture frame, but Abhir holds onto it. Abhi thinks Abhir might be feeling depressed. Akshu gets worried about this possibility.

The doctor confirms your observation: Abhir is going through a bout of depression, which is in its initial stage. He’s been eating excessively, which isn’t good for his health. Moreover, he isn’t maintaining a regular sleep schedule or talking much. He’s struggling with the loss of his father, feeling like he’s adrift. Abhi inquires about how they can make Abhir understand that they’re there for him. The doctor advises minimizing stressors in his life, recognizing the depth of his connection with Abhinav, and taking on the responsibility to help him. The doctor emphasizes that focusing on Abhir’s well-being should be their priority.

Reflecting on Abhir’s words, Akshu and Abhi have a conversation. Akshu acknowledges that Abhir is quite young and fragile. Abhi is resolute that they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure his happiness. Akshu points out that their efforts alone might not suffice; they need to provide Abhir with the support of both families. Abhi proposes uniting the families. Akshu attributes this opportunity to divine intervention, a chance to bridge the gap created by sorrow. Together, they commit to fighting Abhir’s depression and facing the challenge as a united front, with Abhi holding Akshu’s hand for reassurance.


Abhi gazes at his own family, while Akshu’s eyes are on her family. Abhi acknowledges that Abhir requires the presence and support of both families. He proposes that they set aside their own issues and stand together for Akshu and himself. Akshu questions if Abhi is willing to let go of everything for the sake of Abhir.

In the upcoming episode, Abhi and Akshu make efforts to assist Abhir. However, Abhir suddenly disappears. Abhi realizes that he might be struggling with depression. Akshu expresses her concern that he might have run away. The two of them search for Abhir, even checking inside a cupboard.

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