Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 24th August Episode : Abhir’s Emotional Journey

Unveiling Heartfelt Moments in the Latest Episode , Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 24th  August Episode : Abhir’s Emotional Journey


Episode’s Rakhi Preparations: Abhir’s Heartfelt Gesture

The episode begins with everyone crafting Rakhis. Akshu asks Abhir which Rakhi he’d like. Ruhi comments that he’s a boy. But Abhi has a different perspective – he believes both boys and girls need protection. Akshu assumes correctly that Abhir prefers the color blue. Meanwhile, they inquire about Nishta’s whereabouts. Parth chuckles, sharing that she’s on a girls’ trip, having taken his credit card along. Laughter fills the room. Aarohi reminisces about how they protected Kairav, and he adds humorously that they did so by beating him. Muskaan’s gaze lands on a Rakhi, triggering memories of Abhinav. Her attention shifts to Abhi.


Sharing Love Through Rakhis: A Heartwarming Exchange

The atmosphere is filled with love as Manjiri and Mahima present their handmade Rakhis to Abhi. Smiles are exchanged all around. Abhi asks about the printouts, and Abhir steps up, ready to fetch them. Ruhi expresses her interest in learning to print. They leave for the task. Surekha observes that everyone here is sensible and striving for happiness. She acknowledges that while much has transpired between the families, they are genuinely attempting to move forward. To those pretending, she advises them to do so sincerely, emphasizing that they shouldn’t begrudge others’ happiness. In her own way, she hints at the Birla family.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 24th August Episode : Abhir's Emotional Journey


Abhir’s Moment of Remembrance: Emotions Unveiled

Ruhi returns with the printouts, and Abhi suggests pasting them. Ruhi playfully teases him about his lack of patience. Abhi turns to Abhir, expressing his willingness to tie Abhir’s shoelaces. However, Abhir’s memories of Abhinav resurface, and he declines the offer. Abhi insists that Abhir should tie them himself to avoid falling. Abhir continues to resist. Akshu steps in and offers to tie the shoelaces. After removing his shoes, Abhir retreats to his room. His behavior raises concern. He gazes at a picture of Abhinav and proceeds to hide in a cupboard, locking himself inside. Akshu’s worried voice echoes, questioning his whereabouts. Abhi and Akshu enter the room, searching for Abhir. Akshu wonders if he’s run away again. Fearing the worst, Abhi suggests involving the police. Their eyes catch a blanket hanging out of the cupboard. When they open it, they find Abhir asleep inside. They rouse him, urging him to come out and sleep on the bed. Concerned for his safety, they reassure him. However, Abhir’s emotional turmoil is evident.


Heartfelt Comfort: Sharing the Pain

Manish enters the scene, sensing something amiss. Akshu informs him about Abhir. Manish’s demeanor changes as he holds them close, sharing their pain. He leaves, clearly affected. Abhir eventually falls asleep. In a poignant moment, he holds a picture of Abhinav. Abhi gently guides Abhir out of the cupboard and onto the bed. In a clumsy accident, a glass of juice spills, causing a mess. Akshu departs to fetch a towel. In her absence, she discovers Abhinav’s wallet, triggering memories that lead her to tears.



Abhi’s Gesture and Muskaan’s Pain

Abhi gathers some clothes and takes a wallet. Meanwhile, Kairav discusses his plans to buy things for Abhir, mentioning a car and Abhir’s favorite sports t-shirt. He suggests that Akshu could contribute by cooking tasty food for Abhir. However, when Kairav turns around, he spots Muskaan. He addresses her, acknowledging that the incident with Abhinav was an accident. He pleads with Muskaan not to cast Abhi as a villain, even though he understands it’s a tough situation. Muskaan disagrees, stating that moving on might be easier for Akshu but not for her. They engage in a disagreement, with Kairav questioning the extent of Muskaan’s resentment towards Abhi. Muskaan firmly states that she’ll hold onto that resentment for as long as she lives.


Akshu’s Anniversary Reflection


As Akshu gets ready, she puts on socks and notices an alarm ringing. Looking around, she sees the words “happy anniversary” written somewhere. Her gaze then falls on a picture of Abhinav, and she quietly wishes him a happy anniversary. On the other hand, Abhi opens up about the challenges he’s facing in trying to restore a sense of normalcy. A friend named Shefali offers a comforting perspective, acknowledging that healing takes time. Abhi then reveals that it’s both Abhinav and Akshu’s anniversary. He shares that Abhir was excited about it, yet they found him sleeping with a picture of Abhinav, tucked away in a cupboard. Akshu’s emotional breakdown upon encountering Abhinav’s belongings is also shared. Abhi expresses his helplessness in witnessing her struggles, managing both Abhir’s needs and her own grief. Shefali provides reassurance, noting that Abhi’s emotions stem from compassion rather than just fear. She encourages him to step up and support Akshu, regardless of their complex history. Abhi takes this advice to heart.


A Touching Anniversary Reflection

Later, Akshu reminisces about the beginnings of their connection. She recalls that they became parents before becoming romantic partners, which makes their journey unique. She envisions their anniversary celebration: she would have gifted him a sweater, and he would have surprised her with new earrings. In her thoughts, she sends warm anniversary wishes to Abhinav and expresses her longing for his presence. She regrets that he left without giving her a tangible gift. Clinging to the memory of their love, she holds a pair of socks close, a precious keepsake. Addressing his picture, she finds solace in the warmth of their shared memories.


Preview for the Next Episode: A Playful Challenge

In the sneak peek for the upcoming episode, a football accidentally shatters a car’s window glass. Akshu steps up to the situation and challenges the boys responsible. When Abhi inquires about who will participate in the game, Akshu confidently announces that her son Abhir will take part. Determined to bring back his smile, she makes a heartfelt promise to ensure it happens.

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